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Versus Systems
Versus Systems Play games, Win prizes!
6mo Los Angeles, CA, United States Story
Versus Engineer Spotlight: Kalisa Falzone

“I’m a problem-solver. There’s nothing greater than that eureka moment when you’ve coded correctly and things come together.”

Kalisa studied math and astronomy in college. A few years out and not working in either industry, she knew she wanted a job that challenged and relied upon her natural ability for transforming complex logical thinking into something tangible. After tackling everything from tutoring to dj-ing she decided to learn how to code. Engineering combined the joy she found in problem-solving with turning equations into real-life solutions, satisfying her desire to build structures the world could actually use. 

Since becoming a Software Engineer, Kalisa often begins a project with little to no foundation, noting, “I sit down with something that I don’t have a clue how to do and explore the code base and google everything until I figure it out. Every day there is a different problem to solve with tech, so it keeps you on your toes.”

That passion for innovation and discovery feels at home at Versus. “I really was drawn to the work culture and the product. I loved that my coworkers are often collaborating and happy to answer questions. Each member of the team is encouraged to speak up if they see a better way of doing things. I am also very excited about the product - how amazing would it be to play games for prizes?!”


Biggest challenge: Gaining confidence in what I do. The imposter syndrome is real, and I’ve seen it really tear up new Engineers. Working as class mentor at a coding bootcamp really helped me see how much I had learned and gave me the confidence to help others. 

Star Trek or Star Wars? Depends on the series/movie. I find generally Star Wars is more exciting while watching it but Star Trek lingers more in my mind after.

Favorite game, virtual, board, or otherwise: Glory to Rome. It’s an elegantly-designed tableau card game that’s out-of-print. 

Thoughts on our fearless leader, Matthew: I love that Matthew is a teacher at heart. I remember in my interview he gave me a quick overview of venture capital investments and I was very impressed with his conversational style when explaining complex concepts. On a personal level, he and I also share a passion for creative card and board games so it is always fun to talk about these with him.

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Versus Systems
Play games, Win prizes!

The Versus platform allows video game publishers and developers to offer prize-based matches as a part of the gaming experience. Backed by Originate Labs and the law firm of Manatt Phelps & Philips, the Versus platform facilitates match and tournament competition within your favorite skill-based [...]

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