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over 1 year Story
Useful and Practical Baby Gifts

Many people who do not have children have a hard time picking up gifts for the newborns. Unless you do not have some experience with children you may choose something unhelpful or something that the parents will not like. To make the whole gift picking much easier we present you a list of things that are both interesting and practical baby gifts. Make sure you take a look at all of those things and think each and every one of them through.

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Travel High Chair

Chances are new parents have got most of the things they need even before the baby was born. Still, there are some things parents rarely think of – travel high chair. They surely got a highchair for their home but what happens when they have to go somewhere for a couple of days? Or simply when they go out for a dinner with the baby or take it shopping? Many restaurants and fast foods offer you a high chair to use but when you have your own you do not have to worry if it is dirty or gooey. Parents will be really excited for this gift and the baby will have where to eat when not at home.

Baby Care Set

Another great gift for a baby is a care pack. Having a baby means that you have to get many bathing products and creams. There can hardly ever be enough of those. Right because of that a baby care set is a great gift idea. You can find some of them which already include everything or you can try to make one by yourself. Pick up baby body wash, baby soap, baby moisturizer, baby nappy cream and baby shampoo. Put them all in a basket you will decorate with cello and a bow and your gift is finished.

Baby Apps

We all use are smartphones and tablets 24/7 and these can also be helpful when it comes to nursing a baby. There are many great baby apps out there which you can purchase through the app store and give to the new parents. There are many things that have to be monitored, especially in the first few months. For how long has the baby napped? How much did the baby eat? – There are some apps that can help parents monitor all of this easily.

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Sleeping Items

Baby will spend the most of her first days sleeping. So getting some items parents can use to make her a better sleeping ambience is also a great idea. A twilight turtle night lamp can radiate lights that help babies fall asleep easily and is a great gift. Not only this, but it makes a whole planetarium in the baby’s room. Another great item is a baby swaddle. The baby will need something comfortable to sleep in and a swaddle is just a prefect option. Of course, parents can also use those when they are carrying the baby or taking her outside as well.

All of these gifts are great useful gifts and something anyone else will hardly think of. When buying a baby gift it important to get something the parents have not bought already. You do not want your gift to be something that will just pile up together with the things they got already.

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