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10d London, United Kingdom Story
Top Tips for Choosing The Right Hairstylist For You

A good hairstyle is a morale booster, something that gives you the confidence to get out there and face the world. There are some great stylists out there, and then there are those that aren't so great. Here are some top tips on how to choose a hair salon.

Ask your friends

More specifically, decide which of your friends has the hair your most admire, then ask her (or him!). It's more than just looking for someone with a cut you want to copy, choose the person with the cut that suits the shape of their face and hair that's in great condition.

Check out nearby salons

You may have to travel a bit to get the right place and person for you, but you're more likely to be able to keep to a regular schedule if you don't have to travel miles to your appointments. So if you live in Chatham for example, start by checking hairdressers in Chatham before going further afield.


As you're walking past a place you're considering, slow down a bit and see what you can see. Does the salon look busy? Is it impeccably clean? Do the staff look happy and engaged with their customers? All of these things are indicators of the professionalism and standards of service you can expect. If you're not impressed by what you can see from the outside, don't even bother going in.

Use the internet

The internet is a great tool when you're choosing a hair salon. Check prices on websites if you don't want to embarrass yourself by phoning or visiting one of the top hair salons in Chatham and discovering that they're outside your budget. Equally importantly, check out reviews. People are quicker to complain than praise, so you probably shouldn't dismiss somewhere on the basis of a single negative write-up. Lots of detailed negative reviews, combined with little positive feedback should set your alarm bells ringing. Of course, there are big websites that can give you a hand when selecting the perfect hair salon such as Salon Spy.

Call or visit

If you're not treated with courteous care and attention from the moment the phone is picked up or you walk through the door, walk away. Anyone who tries to rush you or treats you casually before you've agreed to pay them isn't going to get any better once they've secured your business.

Book a consultation

This is especially valuable when you're searching for a new look but aren't quite sure what you want. A professional stylist should be full of ideas and keen to help you make the best of your hair. Even if you think you know what you want, a consultation is a good way to develop your confidence in a person before you let them loose with scissors or dye.

Start with something simple

If all has gone well until now, it's time to book a trim and blow-dry or something equally minor. Again, assess how you're treated, and how competent your own hairdresser and his or her colleagues appear. If you're not totally satisfied with your first experience, little is lost and you can start looking again.

Remember - You're in charge

You only have one head of hair and your time is precious. If you aren't happy with the cut, don't find the experience of going to the hairdressers a pleasure or if anything else makes you unhappy, say. If the salon or your stylist are professionals they'll do all they can to put things right.

Equally, if you're delighted, tell your stylist and tell your friends too! We all like positive feedback when we've done well and you can be sure your stylist will appreciate your courtesy and reward it with their best efforts in the future.

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