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5mo Bogor, Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia Story
Top Ten haircutting trends in 2017

Haircut, hair color and hair style is the first thing come to mind when one wants changeover or makeover. Even little hairdo gives quick change in look. People tend to modify the look or cutting every seasonal change. Makeover gives you peace of mind, will improve mood and can even transform thinking perceptions. Like everything haircut trend changes. So let us have a look at top ten haircut trends for 2017.

1-Eye length Fringe:

Fringes give you cute and innocent look. The trend of fringes changes over the time. However this season, we can see them in trend again. This time they are bit longer. They are now, eye length fringes. The best part is that fringes suits on every face shape. They eventually turn a face into round looking. This haircut can be combined with long and short length hair both.  

2-Mid length Chop:

Mid length hair cut with small but many layers are also in trend. They look super classy for college goings and are easy to manage. This type of hair looks good on any event. You can blow-dry them with little inside. You can dead straight them. This kind of hair will be perfect for back to school.

3-Long shiny strands best flat iron one:

Keeping hair long is in itself is in trend. You can trim them to make them of the same length. Just straight them through flat iron (dead straight). This straightening will automatically give your hair shine. People tend to use hair extension. However, you can change the color of your hairs. Fashion experts, however, recommend one shade hair.

4-Cool girl shags:

Shares are in vogue since fall, and they are not going anywhere in this and coming season too. Many celebrities love this haircut. We can locate this haircut even on red carpet entries. These are perhaps best haircut which is also super easy to manage. You don't have to worry about scattering. This type of cutting looks perfect on long and shorts both. Shags will suit both wavy and straight hairs.

5-Bold Chop:

We should defiantly call this haircut, a cut for bold ladies. Moreover, this haircut is verily called statement cut. Bold chop will give you fine lines. Bold chops are accompanied with Short Bob, this combo makes a perfect hair cut for summers. The cut will enhance your face`s charm, and shoulders look.

6-Side flick:

Side flick is another haircut in vogue this season. The best part of this hairstyle is that you can combine this cut with any of above mention hair. This type of hair is best with long as well as a short haircut.

7-Modren Shag:

Modern shag is a combination of shoulder length layer cutting with little side flick or side bangs. Anyone is having thick hairs so they should ask for many layers to give hair sleek and thin look. Let’s your hair dry on their own, don’t at least use round brush for blow drying. This can be with wavy hair or with straight but should end in straight looking hair.

Wild Free texture:

The wild free texture is in fact straight cutting and leaving our hair as they are. This type of haircut is best for wavy and super wavy hairs. After cutting you should go with them as they are own. However, you should spray them more often to keep them in their place.

Soft under Cut:

Soft Undercut is the perfect look for summer. This cut will give you hair a volatized look. One will get a lot of shagging and layering in the hair. Soft undercut hair will look best in shorter shoulder length look. Girls can add rough looking hair curls. 

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  • jo
    4mo ago

    Ummmm.  Pictures maybe?

    Ummmm.  Pictures maybe?

    4mo ago



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