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Top Swimwear Trends for 2017

Even though we are at the beginning of March, it is never too early to start preparing for summer months. It is time to start incorporating runway trends into our daily practice. Here is the list of hottest swimwear pieces from the latest fashion shows that are going to be worn this summer.

Tasseled swimsuits

If you are not into ordinary stuff, you will be enchanted by these. In this swimsuit you are going to feel sexy whether you are swimming or strutting on those “by the beach” sidewalks. Logically, swimsuits like these are capable for so much more than just regular swimming and sunbathing day. You can wear your tasseled swimsuit on the beach party and release your inner Latina.


2016s cutouts got a little upgrade by the addition of a cool sheer material on the cuts. Cutouts range from nearly opaque to nearly transparent. Probably the most eye-catching factors are outstanding graphic shapes which give the entire swimsuit a sexy twist.


Yes, bikinis are a classic, and that is the reason they will never go out of style. It is just that, they get some small upgrades every year. For example, this year is going to be about colorful bikinis with various additions such as tassels and pompoms.

Animal prints

Another thing that can never go out of style is animal print for sure. Especially the “big cats” prints such as tiger and cheetah. We predict that ruffled leopard bikinis (like the ones offered by Baku) as well as halter leopard tops are going to be an absolute hit this season. Just look at that sexiness, MEOW!

Halter tops

They are bringing sexy back with style. Designers were obsessed with these more conservative versions of classic triangle bikini tops. You can find them in many shapes and sizes, from ones with sheer inserts, all the way to ones with floral or graphic prints. It is a perfect sexy, yet trendy swimsuit piece.


It is crazy, the end of 2016 as well as the beginning of 2017 are all about straps and laces! We are not surprised because, have you seen those one-piece swimsuits with laces? Did you notice how sexy they look? They are helping you to show just enough skin in order to have others drool and their imagination go wild. Sure, you can find a lot “innocent” designs, but since 2017 is all about sexiness, opt for fitting ones with flattering cuts.

Cut outs

They are basically single-piece swimsuits with an upgrade. We definitely enjoyed seeing these waist-accenting and figure-toning swimsuits. Try going with nature prints and matching accessories (like Aguaclara did on Miami swim week 2017) and release your inner Gaia.

Wrapped around

It is definite: we fell in love once again. It is probably because of their perfect strategy of pushing the right amount of your breasts up, while still managing to hold everything in place. This is definitely the most breast-flattering swimsuit piece of them all. They are versatile, and they look amazing, in other words: they should definitely be your top 2017 swimwear shopping list priority.

One-shoulder tops

No honey, one-shoulder trend isn’t present just on dresses, no. Asymmetric cuts found their way to swimwear fashion shows as well. You can find them in all shapes, colors and sizes.

Low-cut singles

Release your inner Jennifer Lopez with these sexy-as-hell singles. It is time to let the “girls” enjoy some sun as well, and to awaken the wild imagination of your man. It is probably one of the sexiest swimsuits right now.

Lingerie-styled swimsuits

Forget about the last one, THIS is the sexiest swimsuit trend of 2017. The designs are so perfect, that you can’t tell whether they are really lingerie or swimsuit pieces. We saw cover-ups in sheer lace, high slits and many lacy additions, ruffled solutions as well as baby-doll cover-ups and more, and all we can say is that we have no idea are these appropriate for the water, but, you know what? Who cares.

How do you like these swimwear trends? Which one is your favorite? Which ones are you going to try out? Let us know in the comments.

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