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rubygdaub Ruby Daub
5mo United States Story
Top Fruit Based Recipes for Mother’s Day

If you haven’t already marked the date on your calendar then hop to it, Mother’s Day is just around the corner - 26th March 2017 to be precise. You don’t have a long time left to plan a special day for your mum, or help your children to put together a day of treats for that special person who works tirelessly for them.

Whether you are planning a lazy day of pampering or a special meal for the mum in your life, preparation is the key.

And, because everyone seems to be on a health kick these days, here are our favourite fruit base recipes:


A lie in followed by brunch is the perfect way to start Mother’s Day, and if you want to go all out on the brunch preparations then a Strawberry Bellini is the perfect fruity drink to accompany any special occasion brunch and really easy to prepare.

Strawberry Bellini – 4 servings

3 cups of hulled and sliced strawberries

¼ cup of icing sugar

1 tbsp Brandy

2 cups of sparkling wine

Blend the strawberries, sugar and brandy together until smooth and then chill for a minimum of 30 minutes. Divide the fruit between 4 sparkling wine glasses and top each one up with sparkling wine, stir and serve.

Serve the Bellini’s with a show stopping brunch for the perfect start to, what will hopefully be, a perfect Mother’s Day. If you prefer you could exchange the strawberries for raspberries instead.

Get The Kids Involved

If you have small children then there is a good chance that mum will not get that lie in, but not to worry, there are plenty of delicious fruit based breakfast ideas out there that you could easily prepare to get the day off to a great start, and the best bit is that the kids can help.

Pancakes are an easy, yet delicious breakfast to make, and you can even prepare the batter ahead of time. Simple choose your families favourite fluffy pancake recipe and prepare a batch of batter ready for the morning. Fresh fruit makes the perfect accompaniment to pancakes so chop up some of your favourite fruits and let the kids go to town with the decoration. If you are feeling a little more artistic then why not invest in a few miniature flower or heart shaped cutters and let the kids make fruit shapes instead. Banana slices, Kiwis and large strawberries are the perfect texture for little hands to be able to cut shapes out of.

Chocolate And Fruit

Of course, we can’t mention Mother’s Day without of paying tribute to chocolate, and there are a number of fruits that pair really well with chocolate dishes; berries, orange and even pear are a match made in heaven when combined with chocolate.

Of course, if the children want to get involved in preparing a pudding for Mother’s Day then a chocolate fondue with fresh fruit on skewers is the way to go and they can really get involved; of course it’s great fun to eat as well.

The important thing to remember when planning any fruit based recipes is to make sure that you buy nice fresh fruit, from a quality supplier such as Fruidel, and then all you have to do is figure out what your mother would like best out of the recipes above!

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Ruby Daub

Ruby is an avid writer, who writes on a wide range of topics such as Health, Travel, Home Decor, Food, Beauty and many more. She has been writing on these topics for years now.

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