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almost 2 years Story
Top Bridal Shower Gift Ideas

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My friend was recently having her bridal shower and I had a hard task deciding what to get her. The present should always be spectacular and unique, but sometimes you just do not have the time or inspiration for the perfect gift. So, now I prepared a list to help you pick just the right present for the bride to be. Check out these great ideas:

1. Certificate for a Spa Day

Is there anything better than a day dedicated entirely to yourself? Not likely. I am sure the bride-to-be will appreciate this gift the most. Especially if we take into consideration the fact that she has been under a lot of stress, due to the wedding preparations, which can take several months. Indulging in a day at the spa with massages, a relaxing sauna, and a peaceful pool to swim in will definitely help her relax before the big day.

2. The “Getting Ready” Robe

A gift that will last for a long time, and be symbolic at the same time, is certainly a getting-ready robe. The best way to give it a personal touch is by getting it embroidered with her new last name. It’s meaningful and will be the first thing a bride-to-be will have with her new name. Moreover, every time she puts it on, she will remember both you and how special the bridal shower was.

3. Relaxation Materials: Scented Candles and Magazine Subscriptions

A little less unique, but still special and appropriate, gift would be scented candles with some magazine subscriptions. If we girls like something, it is definitely flipping through the pages of the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue, or InStyle magazine. So, why not do it while you are in the bathtub, surrounded with a couple of scented candles while enjoying a relaxing bubble bath.

4. Luggage and Honeymoon Guidebooks

Some couples are not that great at organizing. Therefore, the luggage and honeymoon guidebooks are a necessity for them. This present will be very helpful to them, and the chances for them to forget some of the essentials will be slim to none. You will be a true lifesaver.

5. Beach Bag and Towels

After the wedding is over, it is time for the honeymoon. More often than not, couples choose to go to an exotic destination filled with beaches and palm trees  to enjoy the sun and have fun. One can never have enough towels, and if the newlyweds have a good sense of humor, try buying them beach towels with some funny illustrations. Moreover, an inscription of a joke is another option if you want to go with a less colorful choice. You can also buy a bag to match, so they can carry all the beach essentials in it as well.

6. Gardening Set in a Cute Bag

For couples who enjoy nurturing their patios, lawns and gardens, there is no better present than a gardening set in a cute bag. A set could include a bypass pruner, a straight pruner, a hedge shear, a bypass lopper, telescopic shrub rake, and a telescopic trowel. Pack the entire set in a cute bag and the gift is ready.

7. Gift Card

Sometimes you may not have the slightest idea what the bride-to-be would like to get from you. However, you do not want to go to the party with just any present, or even worse show up empty handed. Instead of buying a present she will not like, offer her the choice to pick out the best one by herself. Namely, a gift card does all the work for you. You can simply get it in a gift card store on the internet and solve your problem quickly, as with the card the bride to be can buy herself something she really needs. Moreover, you will save yourself the time and the trouble of picking out the gift that could potentially be returned.

Buying the right gift is usually not that easy. Even if you know someone perfectly, there is a risk of making a mistake when shopping for the perfect present. Consider these ideas the next time you go to a bridal shower and you will not go wrong, for sure.

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