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canwetalkqa Can We Talk: Sexual Health
1y Story

Sexual Health has become a hot topic last week and this week (which it should be) so, I've compiled some of the sexual health news from last/this week.

1.  Millenials Have an HIV Problem 

With only 33%  of millennials 18-34 getting regular checkups and test, according to CDC, this generation has an HIV problem with many millennials believing that they are not at risk of contracting the disease- 91% of HIV-infected in the US are not aware of their status. 

2. Safe Sex is the Best Sex

A growing number of teens are having unsafe sex, with the increasing number of teens contracting HIV/Aids from around the world. A new study from the Lancet commission shows that the risk factors for both men and women, unsafe sex comes in at No. 2 — and grew the most rapidly over the past 23 years. If you're not sure what safety procedures are best for you, please ask your physician and Planned Parenthood is an excellent resource.

3. My Belief and My Birth Control

An ObamaCare ruling that would make it mandatory for employers to pay for female contraceptives as a part of employee health benefits has bee sent down to lower court by the eight Supreme Court Justices.The challenge to Obamacare's contraceptive mandate came from religiously affiliated non-profit groups, including the Little Sisters of the Poor, who object to having to provide "abortifacients and contraceptives" to their employees.  The justices believe sending this case to the lower court will help both sides come to a compromise.

Fact: This is the second time the court had to rule on employer-employee and mandatory contraceptives. This has many women's rights groups feeling like there is an agenda against Women's Health.

4. The Ever Changing World of Sex Ed

According to Rewire, which is a great source for mental and sexual health, the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act may change how sexual education is taught in schools. If passed, the bill will allocate funds to teach unbiased sexual health education in schools. But don't get happy  because there are some groups who are against the bill, but we won't know unless we try.

5. Web Dramas and Consent!

Have you heard about the new web drama called FCK Yes? It's a web drama that wants to promote consent and even featured a step by step on" how to " wear a condom on their first episode. The Writer/ Director Emily Best hopes this show will promote consent as part of the sexual experience.  Check out the first episode below.

That's all for now, let me know if I missed any new Sexual Health News or if there is a topic you would like us to explore.

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  • Bethany Heinrich
    Bethany Heinrich Mogul Influencer
    1y ago

    Thank you so much for sharing this invaluable information. It's so important with the rise of STDs like HPV that we are all informed and extremely careful. Thank you!

    Thank you so much for sharing this invaluable information. It's so important with the rise of STDs like HPV that we are all informed and extremely careful. Thank you!

    • canwetalkqa
      canwetalkqa Can We Talk: Sexual Health
      1y ago

      Thank you for commenting!

      Thank you for commenting!

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Can We Talk: Sexual Health

Breaking down sexual health barriers by speaking on taboo topics and providing you with credible resources and personal stories.

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