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Top 4 Tips for Paragliding in South Africa – Beginner’s Guide

Paragliding is a competitive recreational sport. But if you are a beginner flyer then it should be only a recreational sport for you. One should try paragliding if he or she wants to fly in the sky and witness the world from the bird's eye view. But if you are a freak of speed then paragliding is not your cup of tea. In the sports of paragliding, a pilot flies his paraglider. But a paraglider does not run on any engine. It is only a practice of flying with the flow of the air.

Top 4 tips for beginner to try paragliding

In the section below we will discuss the tips for paragliding in South Africa which will help you to hold the nerve strongly during the first flight.

·         Book a Course and Take Professional Training: First of all, you should take training for flying high. Look paragliding is not a technique of controlling your paraglider. You also have to fight with your own and make yourself understand that yes you can do it. You can fly in the sky for hours. A professional paraglider can help you to deal with all the paragliding techniques and your inner conflicts.

·         Your First Flight Should Be Tandem Paragliding:  Tandem Paragliding is nothing but a special type of paragliding where you do not fly alone. Tandem Paragliding is a practice of duet flying, where a pilot flies with a passenger. While taking your first ride you should be in the passenger's seat and check properly how a skilled paragliding pilot flies a paraglider.

·         Buying the Right Equipment and Gadgets for Your First Fly: One need to learn first, the proper paragliding attires. See there is no authentic Paragliding dress code. But still, I would like to suggest you to wear casual t-shirts during the flight. For lower, you can consider wearing denim, track shoot or cargos. But under any condition, you cannot fly wearing a slipper or floaters. Depends on the weather condition you can consider wearing Windcheater and Jackets.

·         Caring ID Proof:  It is really important to carry an ID proof during flying. If you are a citizen of South Africa then no problem, but if you are an overseas flyer you must carry your Passport and visa while flying. There is always a safe place for landing. But as you never guess the weather condition, who can say where you can finally manage to land. So it is always better to carry your ID proof along with you while flying.


So these are all the information that you need to know about starting paragliding as a beginner. Hope the article was helpful to you and you enjoyed reading it. If you still have any quarries regarding this feel free to contact us. 

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