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5mo Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Story
Top 4 Innovative Blouse Designs for a Smart Look

The beauty of traditional saree and blouse designs can never be beaten by any other outfit. The classic eight yards piece of clothing entails a saree which is customized by beautiful blouses creates an elusive effect. The sarees are draped in diverse ways making a woman look charming. The dedicated saree clad is graced with blouses hence, the top B town divas have promoted the notable designer collection blouses to enhance the beauty of a saree beautifully.

However, with growth of the fashion trend each and every Indian outfit is nicely carved to bring in a contemporary flavour. If you own a nice pretty and expensive saree and it does not have a blouse suiting it, then the entire fashion will be ruined. Sometimes, a smart embellished saree can make a plain saree, look excellent.

Let us show you some divergent style of blouse cuts of recent trend that you can try to match with your saree to make it look exceptional.

Jacket Cut

The deep nicely cut jacket style is up - in trend. You can try such amazing innovative cut to make your blouse look different and matches with the saree. The jacket cut is highly inspired from the air hostess cut blouses which were very common. Most of us today, love to grace the blouse with our own style statements. Hence, trying out some similar style can really bring in a different look.

  • Tips - jacket blouse can be best suited with a plain chiffon or Georgette or even a saree. With fine border. Try to use the jacket cut on an embroidery and embellished blouse piece top create the elusive stronger.

Brocade Blouses

This is one of the simplest designs that most of the elegant traditional dressers prefer wearing. The simple style does not make the look pale, instead it enhances the beauty exquisitely. Brocade Indian blouse design have a charm of its own elegance.

  • Tips-If you own embellished decorative saree and are unable to find out which type of blouse you are going to make the simply go for brocade style and brocade designed blouses.

Pleats and Button Style

Apart from a casual neckline style, one can easily go for a pleats and button style. Buttons in front bring in a new style where as a button at the back is another most innovative styles. It is a perfect style for those who like to use some exceptional blouse cuts for a beautiful outlook.

  • Tips - You can pair this type of blouse with simple chiffon saree for attending a party.

Cape in Chic

Traditional saree can be made sassy and classy if your use cape style blouse which is highly in trend. This blouse has innovative curves, based on two cuts, one is 3 layered corset and one sheer cap over it. It is one of the most in demand style of blouse highly toiled by the women wearing it.

  • Tips - this style works excellently on either a heavy blouse designs or on a simple plain sequin blouse can be nicely worn on a chiffon or a Georgette or even an embroidery traditional saree, will create an elusive look.

Trying out different style is the best way to make a saree look elusive. Top Designer blouse are not the only way to wear best blouses you can customize the ones of your liking and wear it with the saree. Select the best cut that will suit your feminine body shape and make you look gorgeous.

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