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Tips for a Perfect Family Beach Picnic

One of the best ways to spend your summer vacation is to relax with your family members by the beach. One enjoyable way to do this is by arranging a picnic. However, it is important to know what to carry with you to the beach in order to make your beach picnic memorable and comfortable. The below information will be useful in determining this.  

The Right Type of Food

When at the beach, it is important to know what kind of foods to carry with you as a heavy meal such as rice is more likely to create a mess. Some of the best examples of food items for a beach picnic are cookies, brownies and some fruits.  A picnic is about having such light meals without having to use any utensils such as knifes, folks, spoons. Also, try to avoid food such as cupcakes with cream cheese that is likely to melt due to the heat.

A Shade Umbrella

One of the things that are going to bother you during a beach picnic is the heat. Especially during warm days, it can get uncomfortable when you spend long hours at the beach. Therefore, consider carrying a portable shade umbrella which is easy to fit in the vehicle and easy to carry. This will provide your family with a good amount of shade and will keep you protected from the sun. Moreover, it is also likely that the sand is heated due to the hot sun. An ideal solution for this is round towels which are made from 100% cotton and is specially designed for use at a beach. It is not only comfortable but provides ample space for your family to relax.

A Cooler

If you are planning to carry any beverages including water, soft drink of a bottle of wine, chances are that it is likely to get heated up due to the hot sun. In order to avoid this, make sure you carry a portable cooler with you where you can easily store all your drinks. If you are want ice cubes in your drinks, you can carry a few packs with you to the beach and store them in the cooler. With a use of a cooler, you do not have your drinks in a rush thinking that it will be unchilled in a few minutes.

Plan Games

A beach picnic provides you with the perfect opportunity to engage in some fun games with your family. Especially if you have kids, this is something that they are definitely looking forward to. Plan games that are simple, yet enjoyable, some examples of beach games include, beach volleyball, Frisbees and soccer. Apart from these, you can also carry some board games from home such as a card pack, scrabble or monopoly.

The above accessories are a must to carry with you if you are planning to have a memorable beach picnic with your family. Taking into consideration all these factors will make you picnic worth your time and effort.

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