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over 1 year Story
The Ultimate Maternity Style Guide

Besides morning sickness, sore muscles, and a body that is going through drastic changes, the multiple joys of being pregnant is something quite beautiful. A charming baby jump is more than just that—it’s a fashion statement. Honestly, you can’t hide it, so what better thing to do than to look stylish while partaking in one of the most important experiences of your life.

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Yes, you have a million other things on your mind, and fashion doesn’t always land on the list of priorities or even your financial plan most of the time. But, being comfortable and stylish (while staying on budget) is achievable. This guide is here to motivate you to make the right decisions and have more confidence in your new maternity wardrobe.

Be Your Own Victoria’s Secret Model

In every stage of a woman’s life, having a proper bra that fits comfortably is essential. Being pregnant is no different. Unlike previous visits to your favorite lingerie store, everything will look and feel different. Embrace your new curves! Finding a fully-supporting maternity bra is important in this stage of your life, and loving your body will make it easier when looking for right undergarments. It can be at a store or even online, the choice is yours.

Embrace Your Baby Bump

This is an incredible life-changing experience and you should be proud! Strut that baby bump with clothes designed to fit your newly found curves and body type. Most pregnant women are drawn closer to loosely worn tops and over-sized clothing. But, frankly, these choices aren’t flattering or confidence building.

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Buying more comfortable, tighter fitting maternity clothes will show off that bundle of joy growing inside of you and give you a much-needed ego boost. Make sure to know your body type and what fabrics give you the most comfort. Clothes should be a little clingy, but not tight enough to show everything. I’m not saying you should squeeze into your pre-baby spanks, but wearing a well-fitted maxi dress would be a perfect example of being chic, stylish, and comfortable.

Ballin’ on a Budget

With all of your daily expenses, bills, and baby finances, buying maternity clothes isn’t usually your ideal thing to do. Throw on a big shirt and you’re good to go, right? Big, bulky clothes only hide your growing baby bump and make you look just that—big and bulky. Don’t get me wrong, buying certain maternity clothes can still be expensive, but, with the help of and other similar websites, you can buy new and used maternity clothes at a fraction of what you would spend at your local mall or shopping center.

They Aren’t Just Mom Jeans

Jeans are universal and almost every person has one or multiple pairs in their closet. But, with your expanding waistline, you need something that will grow with you. Buying maternity jeans with an elastic band will give you the comfortability you’re looking for while also being fashionable. And, they come in several different colors, cuts, designs, and styles. Honestly, the options are endless. You can dress them up or down, so it is wise to get at least one pair during your pregnancy.

Shopping for stylish maternity clothes has never been easier. With the availability of several stores and websites dedicated to saving mommies money on clothes, shopping for this stage in your life has become a stress-free zone. Embracing your beauty, finding the right items, and saving your budget will make you the ultimate maternity style expert. With the market for maternity clothes expanding, the options for being a pregnant fashionista are endless.

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