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5mo Story
The Day in the Life of a LuLaRoe Consultant

Who is a LuLaRoe consultant and what do they do? If you are a fashion-forward thinker who loves helping women feel beautiful, then you may be a great fit. Do you have a passion for business with an entrepreneurial spirit? If so, LuLaRoe offers a great franchise option that may fit your needs when you start your own retail fashion business. Many people are interested in who LuLaRoe consultants are, how they got into the business, and what they do. Many people may also wonder what it takes to be successful selling this type of merchandise. This article is going to walk prospective candidates through a day-in-the-life of a successful LuLaRoe consultant.

LuLaRoe was founded by Deanne, a single mom to 7 children. It was her dream to be able to use network marketing to work from home. She approached a couple of wholesale dress makers and asked them is she could sell their end-of-season dresses to her friends and family. They believed in her so much, that they helped her form her own company. The dresses and clothes that she sells have to be stylish and comfortable. That is why so many women love LuLaRoe! To become a consultant, you simply sign up on their website and pay the fee to get started selling this cool gear.

To get started, a person who is interested needs to purchase their first shipment from LuLaRoe's website. This shipment is usually around $5,000. It is full of pre-selected prints of leggings, dresses, tees, and other merchandise. The consultant will also need to spend about $500 on business cards, clothes hangers, racks, and things for a party. The items in the shipment are all wholesale prices, so the consultant can make a profit when after they sell the items. The consultant's job becomes marketing the items so that they can sell. A typical shipment can generate about $12,500 in revenue if the items are priced right. There are also certain sale strategies to generate more interest and higher sales. The consultants will learn about these tips and tricks from their distributor or from other consultants after they enter into the business. The typical consultant profits about $300 after each party. That means the consultant needs to host at least 20 lucrative parties to get their initial investment that. After they have sold their products, they can then request another shipment. That is a look into the numbers side of the business. Now, let's talk about the marketing aspect. What does a consultant do everyday?

First, people who come into this business thinking that it will be a cake-walk are wrong. This is a legitimate business that the entrepreneur will be starting from home. They have to put in the dedication, hours, and invest mental energy into making the dream take off. Starting a business is a roller-coaster of emotions. When your LuLaRoe shipment arrives for the first time, you may feel elation. Open your boxes and take pictures of all of your merchandise as soon as possible and take an inventory. Add the items to mannequins, add jewelry, go outside and snap the photos next to some props. Do whatever you need to do to make the clothes look comfortable, trendy, and awesome. There are many guides online that share tips on how to do this in more depth. You will also need to host parties. Ask your friends to host one. Make sure the hostess knows what will happen at the party, and ways to encourage her friends to buy your clothes. Ask your hostess to tag you in her social media. You can also run Facebook ads for give-a-ways and post your items for sale on online sites.

Second, go to the conventions. Meet other ladies so you can get support and ask questions. Social media is the number one way to reach potential customers. Some strategies you will learn include: wear the clothes while you are running errands, host office and church parties for people to rummage while on their lunch breaks for after service, and book future parties at your events. Maximize every channel and outlet you can so that you can work the system. Do not get discouraged because there is always another idea to try!

A typical consultant spends her days growing her audience on social media, making a webpage, taking pictures, and trying to book parties. Once the parties are booked, it is time to take a breather and have some fun socializing. Ask the people who come to schedule a party of their own before they leave. After the party, send out all items within a few days and follow up with your customers. This may require you going to the post office several times and staying up way past your bedtime to process invoices and package the clothing. Many consultants work solely off of the invoice system, so their customer's do not have to pay for their products upfront. Keep great records, and gather your customer's information for future contact. You can even get their e-mail addresses you can start a newsletter and show them the new items your received. A great suggestion is to have an active Facebook community and Instagram page. That is the bread and butter of the business! If you find ladies that you love, you can offer them a great job opportunity with the company. The key to this business is keeping awesome customers coming back to you time and time again! These people will help you grow professionally as well as personally.
LuLaRoe consultants that are successful do not want the business to fail. Once they have a great book of business contacts lined up, the last thing they want is for LuLaRoe to go out of business. Lately, many buyers have complained about the quality and price of the products, so it will be anyone's guess how the company decides to handle these complaints. For LuLaRoe to continue their success, the consultants need to feel supported and they need to be financially compensated. If this happens, then many millennial moms will want to join in the future!

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