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over 1 year Story
The best stadiums America has to offer

Sport is an important aspect of life for a modern man. Whether that be a passion or just a hobby, people love to include it in everyday routine. Those who love to travel would want to visit all the important sports places there are. Therefore, we are giving you a list of the best stadiums and arenas in the United States. Make sure that you include some of those on your next holiday trip.

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Philips Arena, Atlanta

This is the home of the Atlanta Hawks, basketball team. This arena has shown the importance of these buildings in the modern world. When built in 1999, it immediately began to transform this part of Atlanta. Shopping malls, business centers and various objects started growing around, making almost deserted part of  Atlanta one of the most attractive ones. It has an average attendance of about 19.000 viewers per game, and when considered that it can fit 21.000 viewers for music concerts, it is clear how much Hawk’s fans are devoted.

Bridgestone Arena, Nashville

Formerly known as Nashville Arena, it was built and upgraded primarily for music events. With first- class audio and visual equipment, it was nominated four times for Venue of the Year Award. Besides bringing big names from the music industry and hosting WWE Night of Champions in 2014, it is also home of the NHL team Nashville Predators. It’s capacity is 20.000 viewers.

Yankee Stadium, New York City

The New York Yankees are owners of this recently built stadium, replacing their old venue in 2006. It is said that Red Sox’s fan had buried a jersey in foundations of the stadium during construction, trying to counter “The curse of the Bambino”, but it just brought this remarkable stadium into national focus. With the capacity of almost 50.000 viewers it is known as one of the biggest in the US. As for the music events, let us just say that this was the place of “The Big Four”(Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth) in 2011, and many other big names such as Eminem, Jay-Z, Madonna.

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Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Similar to Philips Arena in Atlanta, Barclays Center has contributed to reviving the surrounding neighborhood. On its opening day in 2012, famous rapper Jay-Z stated that he “celebrates the place where he is coming from”. This is perhaps the best feature of this arena, because it is built in the part of the city which is not so urban and posh. However, the capacity of 19.000 viewers is almost always sold out, no matter if the Nets are playing, MTV awards ceremony is held (2013), or Muse will be performing (27th January 2016)

Staples Center, Los Angeles

In 2009 tribute to late Michael Jackson was held right in this center. This alone speaks of the importance and reputation of this arena, and when bearing in mind the fact that Kobe & the crew are playing here, it is no wonder that people of Los Angeles are so proud of their landmark. Of course, the Lakers are sharing this arena so tickets for LA Clippers can be purchased as well, depending on which team you wish to support. And, have we mentioned that Grammy Awards ceremony is held here as well?

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Madison Square Garden, New York

Simply put, it is the greatest of all. Not in terms of the number of viewers, but for its name. There is no venue which hosted more big names than Madison. From its opening it welcomed Bo Diddley, Elvis, Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Madonna, U2, and Bruce Springsteen alone held over forty concerts here. It has the capacity of over 18.000 seats, which can be upped to 20.000.

This list is not final, of course. These are merely our suggestions, and there are a lot more which are worth visiting. It is up to your sports and adventurous spirit to discover them.

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