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The Best Aegyo Sal Makeup Tutorial

The little fat line you see under the eyes of the kids is what we call “aegyo sal.” It is the reason why their eyes look bigger and brighter.As per the latest Asian beauty trends, aegyo sal are the in-thing. They give the eyes a puffy look and make a face appear younger. So what if you don’t have it? There is nothing to worry about. This tutorial will guide you on how you can get the most natural aegyo sal by using nothing more than some tools and makeup techniques.

Let’s get started

1: To begin, wash your face and pat it dry to get rid of oil and any moisture.Hold the aegyo sal tape from both ends and bring it close to your eyes.

2: Now, with the tape in between your fingers, stretch it gently so that it is at least 1 to 1.5 times longer than the original length.

3: Smile to highlight the natural fat line. Stick the tape under it to restrict the fat in position.

4. Cut the excess edges off the tape to give a finesse look to the effect.

5: Tuck in the tape with your finger and lift the skin a little to finish it off.

6: Along with the tape, using a little makeup under the eyes can help achieve the same effect. Use a little eye shadow which is a little shimmery under the eye to make it pop out.

7: Use a lighter shade of eye color on the upper lid to highlight the area.

8: Using a lighter brown eye shade on the upper eyelid will add more levels to your eyes and give a more popping effect.

9: An eyeliner is used to define the eye and make it look brighter.

10: No look is complete without eyelashes and a little mascara.

11: Once done, use a bit of concealer around the eyes to cover up other problems.

Now you should have beautiful adorable smiling eye! But what if you do not have this much everyday to work through the same routine? In that case, visit AEGYOlab for better and more lasting results.

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