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The advantages of moving to Poland

Relocating to another part of the world is one of the many advantages to having improved transport and technological advancements. More and more people are choosing to move out of the UK and create a life for themselves and their family elsewhere, with an increasing number of people choosing to make Poland their new home. Poland offers both great opportunities and challenges but that does not mean you should not consider the idea. Here are some of the advantages of moving to Poland through the eyes of expats who have done the same previously…


One of the biggest appeals of Poland is the fact that their accommodation is far more affordable than in other parts of Europe (including the UK).  While salaries are generally lower in Poland, expats who find a job with an international company could soon find that their money goes a much longer way in Poland. The best thing about working in a Polish city is that you do not have to live too far to find yourself in easy reach of your workplace.

Cost of living

As some tourist have noticed already, the cost of living is far cheaper in Poland than in cities such as London in the UK. When it comes to eating out, public transport and shopping, prices are much more favourable and this attracts many people to move to Poland. 

The lifestyle

Many expats have said that making friends in Poland is easy as Polish culture is very similar to other European countries. Similarly Polish cities are vibrant and lively and there is always something to see or do, which makes entertaining yourself and your family easy. Poles are also generally very good at speaking English, which comes in handy if you are in the early stages of perfecting your Polish language skills!


When it comes to healthcare, Poland has some of the best and highest quality. Private healthcare is much cheaper in Poland than other parts of the world and this is certainly something to take advantage of. In fact many international companies offer private healthcare as part of your package salary deal, so be sure to enquire about this when looking for work. English speaking doctors are also easy to find, which is very handy and reassuring.


For those with children, education typically ranks very highly when it comes to concerns about moving to another country. Thankfully Poland has a very high standard of education and has a higher reading score that is higher than the UK, USA and even Germany. Poland is constantly looking for ways to improve their education system so this means that your child is sure to receive a high level of education here.

Whether you are looking to move to Poland for business of leisure and are looking for the ideal way to transfer your freight to Poland, consider the help of a trustworthy and reputable freight forwarding company such as Barrington Freight.

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