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With everything happening online, it is about time users like you and me made email ids on websites that are popular and provide classic user interface with ever increasing and improving user-ease of conducting activities like, one of the most popular and used email id accounts to perform activities, conduct business, subscribe to pages or newsletters, get updates, sync mobile and other devices, purchase products and applications online, and what not!

Method 1: Enter the website on the search engine

  • The most basic step is to type on the web browser’s default search engine and then enter you email id in the box that appears click on next and enter your password.
  •  Voila! You just logged in with the most basic process possible.

Method 2: Logging into Gmail via the Google search engine directly

  • On the extreme upper right corner of the Google search engine display, is a button that reads SIGN IN.
  • Upon clicking of that, the Gmail sign in page appears and then you can enter your id in the box that says username and password in the box that says so to login.

Method 3: Using the IOS for logging in to Gmail

  • Click on the SETTINGS icon on your IOS device, whether IPhone or IMac or MacBook, etc.
  • From the various icons that appear when you click in an IMac or MacBook, or when you scroll down the list that appears when you click on an IPhone, select ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendar’.
  • On the next window that appears, tap on Add Account and then click on GOOGLE as a choice out of the site options that appear.
  • Now, simply enter you details of name, username, password, etc. for the necessary and there! You are logged in.
  • Method 3: Gmail for Android and Additional Account logging in
  • Since Google supports Android massively, there is always an icon of logging into Gmail directly via an icon that appears by default on the screen or while setting up the device.
  • Click on the Gmail icon, and then either enter your details for the first time or you can even add another account to it, the one different from the time of the set up.
  • Go to the upper right corner or click on the id name that appears on the left corner. On the right side click on your name and a window with various options pops up wherein select settings, and then select Manage Accounts. Here you tap on add account and then do the needful of entering your details and logging in.
  • On the left side of the Gmail window on most devices, after clicking your name a side window appears and there you can click on Add an Account.
  • Method 4: Gmail in a Blackberry device
  • Much like an IOS, on the blackberry display of your device click on the Settings icon and then on the Accounts icon from the next window that appears.
  • Further tap on Email, then Internet Mail Account and of the service providers select Gmail and enter you details.


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