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Some Common Reasons Why You Can’t Fall Asleep

There are so many things around us that we don’t acknowledge, but they can lead to low levels of energy all the time. Among all such factors, some are related to our routine activities and habits like how we sleep, how we eat etc.

In case, you are facing sleeping disorders, try paying attention to your habits and routine. Inadequate sleep can make you feel tired and worn-out for the whole day thereby affecting your work productivity. This guide will brief you some of the common habits, which obstruct your sleep.

Habits Obstructing Your Sleep

  • No Physical Work

Trying to be efficient for 24*7 can make you emotionally and physically drained. It’s vital to take short breaks between your working hours. You can spend your break time by passing on jokes, reading magazine, wasting time, playing with your kids, speaking to friends, and enjoying the happiness of life. Such a practice will re-energize you and will make you feel refreshed to work again.

  • Using Electronic Devices Till Late

The advent of mobile technology has created laziness among people. We lie down on our bed, but don’t fall asleep. Blue light emitted by electronic devices such as smartphones, laptop, tablet etc. disrupts our sleep. The mental engagement with smartphone resists us from going to sleep.

Such a practice not only disrupts our sleep, but also affects our eyes. Besides this, it makes us feel tired and achy the next day thereby reducing our productivity at workplace. Hence, it’s vital to keep electronic devices at bay from bedroom. Such a practice will not only improve your sleep, but will also help you to maintain a sleeping schedule.

  • Eating Late At Night
  • Taking a heavy meal late at night can disrupt your sleep, especially if the meal has sleep stealing contents like high fat, high protein and spices. If you eat such food items at night, your body will have to work harder for digesting. Additionally, such a heavy meal has possibilities of causing acid reflux.
  • Apart from this, beverages like alcohol, tea, pop and coffee can make it difficult to fall asleep. Alcohol may make you feel drowsy at once, but it actually disrupts your sleep.
  • Therefore, it’s important that you take your meal 3 hours prior to your sleep. Also, you should refrain from drinking coffee or alcohol at night. In case, due to some reasons you have to eat late, switch to a light meal such as a toast or an apple, crackers with a slight cheese, a small bowl of oatmeal, a small cup of cereal or a banana with some nuts, etc.
  • An Old Mattress

Mattress plays an important part in our sleep. A troublesome mattress can lead to body ache and pain the next day. It’s vital that next time when you change your bedsheets observe your mattress carefully. In case, it appears to be worn or saggy, dented and saggy, it’s right time to throw it and buy a new mattress.

Apart from this, with time, there are some physical changes that occur in your body. For instance, a mattress which has been comfortable to you at the age of 10 may not work when you turn 20.

This is because with change in our physique, the need for support changes. Therefore, observe these factors and buy a new mattress today. In case, you’re looking for a new mattress online at affordable price visit


 Good health is imperative for a person’s happiness and well being. Hope this guide will give you an outline on how you can improve your sleep and overall health.

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