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Simplifying your divorce

Coming to the conclusion that your relationship with your spouse is not working anymore is not an easy one, yet alone the conclusion that you need a divorce. Such a decision is not easy for anyone, even if you are the one that considered it first. The fact that you are going to start walking on a new path on your own can be scary, but you know that this is the best option, when differences are irreconcilable or when everything you’ve tried to bring back your marriage failed. Still, what is even scarier when people think about a divorce is the process itself. It means being in a court room for several times in a row. It means losing time with trial terms and various procedures. It means that it will take a while until you will be actually divorced.

Putting aside the fact that a divorce is time and resource-consuming, some people would like to do this in a more private manner. But, when you are in a court, nothing is private anymore. Also, they would like to have the procedure as simplified as possible. Well, do know that you can simplify your divorce, especially if both of you think it is a good idea and you want to part with common sense, without making scenes or have unpleasant conversations. First of all, you will have to talk to an attorney, if you made up your mind about this decision. Some options such as SplitSimple, a divorce mediation service in Aurora, Colorado, provide both mediation and legal services. Even if you are not yet sure that you want to get a divorce, it is good to be informed and be aware of what this means. The attorney will give you precious advices about how to be prepared in case you make up your mind, so that everything will run smoothly.

If possible, try to come to an understanding with your spouse about the assets and belongings to have together. During a divorce, this part takes the longest, because your assets will have to be assessed, your situation will have to be checked in case you have children to see which parent is most suitable to take care of the young ones, and so on. So, it would be best if you could settle these things by talking to each other, instead of dragging this into the court. The aspects concerning property, money, and child’s custody can make a divorce last for a very long time. Also, do apply for a no-fault divorce. This means that none of you has the fault for ending your marriage, so things will be kept simple in this case. Law courts from all the states of the US allow no-fault divorces, although it may be required for you two to live separately before filing such a request. So do check out the conditions in your state.

Another great option to have in your consideration, if you want a simple, quite, and quick divorce, is mediation. A mediator that is specialized in family law will act as a neutral part in this equation, helping you take the best decisions in the case of your divorce. Such an aspect is extremely important especially in the case of couples that have children and who will continue taking decisions together when it comes to their child’s upbringing and future. Through mediation, very many details connected to a divorce can be settled in a calm and peaceful manner, making the divorce be quicker and without creating any negative states and emotions.

In case you have no children, the marital assets are few, and the marriage didn’t last for too long, you can apply for a simplified divorce. Still, do have in mind that such an option is available only in several states, so you may want to check if it is available in the state where you live as well. If it is available, the simplified divorce is a very fast and inexpensive option that will make you a free person in no time. Also, some states have what is called a collaborative divorce. This means that both spouses will get an attorney, but instead of going to court, they will try to solve difficult aspects on their own, assisted by the attorneys. This means that the parties involved will have to meet and share information in a manner that will help them find a resolution for their problem. In case the solution is found this way, the divorce will take place faster than through court.

You can also consider making a postnup agreement before filing for a divorce. This helps in case you didn’t have a prenup before getting married, the postnup helping you by setting boundaries around your debts and marital assets before getting a divorce. So, having all these conditions set up, the court will pronounce the divorce faster, because this postnup will be considered as an agreement between parties. But, again, you will have to reach a mutual agreement on who is getting what for putting together a postnup. It may be unpleasant to split everything, but it will save you from a lot of trouble once you file for a divorce, so reaching a common ground will make things faster.

 As you can see, even if a divorce is not pleasant at all, there are ways to make it faster and simpler. But, in all cases, the spouses will have to be open to communication and for reaching a middle ground. Divorces get complicated and last longer when spouses cannot get along, for instance about their common assets or the custody of their children. The process may be unpleasant and painful, but if you sit down and talk about it as mature people and find a way to get along, everything will be finished faster and you will be spared by any negative experiences and feelings of being in court for too long.

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