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SIGN THIS PETITION: Bring Sheryl Sandberg & Google's "Anti-Diversity Manifesto" Engineer Together to Speak & End Gender Discrimination in Silicon Valley

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About This Petition

"Women generally [have] a harder time negotiating salary, asking for raises, speaking up, and leading."  -- James Damore, Author of the Google "Anti-Diversity Manifesto"

This week, the world was shaken upon the release of a 10-Page Anti-Diversity Manifesto written by a now former Google employee that circulated around the company. 

To paint a picture of how slanted it was against women, here is a screenshot which shows his beliefs on the differences between men and women:

Source: Gizmodo

Mogul wants more than anything to end gender discrimination, especially within the tech industry. 

Therefore, we are officially launching a petition to bring COO of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, one of the most groundbreaking leaders within tech, together with James Damore, the controversial author of the manifesto, to have a conversation about gender equality.

Why Is This Important?

Sheryl Sandberg has done revolutionary work in paving the way for women within not only the tech industry, but for women in leadership positions across the world. Her book and movement Lean In has encouraged women to be bold, take action, and be the incredible leaders they were born to be.

James Damore, on the other hand, has declared that women have a harder time leading and speaking up.

We predict that if James Damore has a valuable discussion with Sheryl Sandberg about gender equality, that he will be more informed about his opinions and perhaps alter them versus what he revealed in the manifesto.

If we can gather enough signatures via the comment section below, we believe we will be able to bring this vision to life. Once we have 100K signatures, we will share this petition with Sheryl Sandberg and Lean In to discuss whether this is a discussion she would like to have. We will also send the petition to James Damore, expressing to him how passionate people are for him to re-think his opinions on gender equality. 

How To Participate?

If you do not have a Mogul profile, fill out the petition form below and click "Sign the Petition." If you are already signed in to Mogul, click "Sign The Petition" below.

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