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michaelrobert Academic Writer
13d United Kingdom Story
Sculpt indicates humanity’s dark obsessions

Sculpt is no doubt made with great interest and hard work. It is made by fresh conceptual artist Loris Greaud along with great science fiction. It is a 50-minute film and almost the latest program in the immediate art that is offered by Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).

In this science fiction film Sculpt, the shibari which is the process of binding mortal flesh represents the dark obsession. This film follows the acuity of a man who is becoming aware of his perceptions and learning to accept his unconventional imagination. Loris Greaud said about his movie that, the sculpture is defined by its ability to turn it around. This movie is the ornamental inspiration of blood moon eclipse that appeared in September 2015.  That’s why it is color-edited to mirror as a black-red phenomenon of the moon. There also includes themes fetishism and voodoo. Truly the cast and presentation of this movie create interest in people to watch it more than once. It screened daily due to people interest. It's fiction is really obvious.

Moreover, Loris Greaud is the conceptual writer and he works really hard for making this kind of creative work. According to him, he wants to produce a story that can turn around and question. His scientific creative fiction has made people excited and many people gave positive response by appreciating him and he got benefits by achieving his business target. Business strategy in any kind of business matters most. his strategy of screening is most inspiring and unbelievable. This is most influential thinking of screening but he made this job really successful to his business.

Truly it is not just the movie. It is not just the movie but the great experience. In this screening tactics, the viewer got the sense that he is being watched throughout the screening and he furthermore thought that he is the part of the movie’s obsession. The idea of this type of screening is really good but initially, it requires a lot of risks to arrange this type of screening because if people did not like that then this will go worst for the movie's business. But he took that risk and according to his expectation people enjoyed this very much.

 It can be said that this feeling of the viewer that he has been watching throughout the movie gave the movie more positive response. Shibari represents the characters and also the expressions that are responsible for forming of mental obsessions. According to Loris Greaud, the main character is in the shibari studio ad rope included develops the neuronal networks.

Although this movie is great to work of Loris Greaud, this great work does not come easily in his mind. This is his hard work and creative thoughts that admire him for doing an innovative thing and for that he works for many years to make himself according to his thoughts and at last his great efforts result in terms of his meaningful or valuable science fiction movie Sculpt.

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