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Rest in Sri Lanka: 3 places which each tourist needs to see

1. Lion's rock (mountain Sigiriya)

It is half the destroyed old fortress in the form of a lion from a stone. Earlier she belonged to ancient Lankan kings. Now from a former construction, there were only paws of a lion, a porcelain "mirror wall", improbable frescos and network of the gardens which are laid out on all mountain. You wish to touch a stateliness of governors of Asia? Visit this improbable place!

2. Royal Garden of botany

It is recognized as one of the most beautiful Asian gardens. By all means glance in a zone of orchids — there are more than one hundred remarkable variations of these surprising flowers. If you are the essay writer, then is an excellent subject for work. Here you, in addition, will find 175 types of palm trees and a collection of house plants.

3. Gardens of spices
Sri Lanka is famous for fragrant seasonings since ancient times. Vanilla, cardamom, a turmeric, a carnation, pepper — everyone has now an opportunity to behold from where these spices on our table appear and to admire them in reality. If you have conceived rest in Sri Lanka, surely visit gardens of spices.

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