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over 1 year Story
Reasons to Compliment Your Weightlifting with Yoga

Yoga, an ancient relaxation technique, has managed to squeeze itself into the modern culture. People all around the world are dedicating amounts of their free time towards this useful spiritually cleansing technique. However, mental balance and tranquility aren’t the only known benefits of yoga – some upsides to it are related to muscle stretching and relaxation. These are only two out of a ton of reasons many weightlifters choose to incorporate yoga in between their weightlifting training.

Better Use of Muscles

Flexibility and mobility are crucial no matter what exercises you do at your gym. Whether your goal is weight loss, bulking up, or obtaining lean muscle, you can rest assured that you’ll want to keep your muscles in top shape – using your muscles promotes weight loss. However, in order to be able to squeeze out the full potential, when it comes to your musculature, it needs to remain flexible and mobile.

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So how do muscles work? Well, there are basically two types of muscles, when it comes to the direction of muscle movement:

    Agonist muscles, which cause movement

    Antagonist muscles, which oppose movement, controlling it and slowing it down

In order for proper coordination to be achieved, the proper balance between the two needs to be reached. If you’ve ever spent weeks or months on end focusing on the bench, which incorporates the latter muscle group, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that pull ups have become a nightmare. Luckily, this is where yoga kicks in, allowing for the smoother connection and balance between the two muscle types.

Muscle Recovery

Although most muscle progress happens during the exercise, you shouldn’t stop taking care of these parts of your body after a workout. In addition to having proper pre and post-workout meals, providing your body with an appropriate amount of relaxation is crucial in achieving quicker progress. However, people who are physically active tend to ebb away from remaining sedentary, even though having a day’s rest every once in a while is absolutely vital for gym progress. According to a personal fitness trainer from Dubai, doing yoga in between gym days provides you with muscle recovery time, while paying compliments to your conscience, not making you feel guilty for skipping days of exercise.

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Promoting Connectedness

Now, while this might sound a bit like something from a hippie’s mind, there is an actual scientific explanation to be found. A constant flow of nerve signals between our brain and our muscles is what makes any movement possible, from clicking on links on your computer, to doing deadlifts. What yoga does here, is promotes the level of interpretation and responsiveness to the nerve signals, helping you achieve more fluid motions, improving your reflexes and making faster adjustments possible, thus dwindling the chance of injuries.

Incorporating yoga in between your weight training sessions can do wonders for your mind, as well as your body. Improving intermuscular communication and the connectedness between the mind and the body, as well as promoting recovery and stability, the benefits of yoga in weightlifting are numerous and definitely worth looking into.

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1 comment

  • Talia M.
    Talia M. Mogul Global Ambassador
    over 1 year ago

    Im convinced !! Really helpful info. especially about the varied muscle types.

    Im convinced !! Really helpful info. especially about the varied muscle types.

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