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Joel Taylor 47
3mo California, United States Story
Reasons Dads should Grow A Beard

Beard growing have been gaining a lot of popularity among men across the world. Most people use beards to help shape their facial appearance and appeal, while others use it to make a statement. Although most men see beards as a blessing, some people and especially critics may think otherwise and see it as unhealthy. One thing we all know however is that people will criticize something even if it is beneficial. As long as the beards are kept clean and neat, there's not harm at all. If you are comfortable with long beards or want to start growing some, you then shouldn't let critics get in your head.

Aside from you loving your beards, some women too adore men with beards, which gives you, even more, reasons to keep and maintain a beard. Although you may not know this, your body benefits more from having the beards all grown than trimming or shaving them down. Discussed below are some of the health benefits of growing and keeping beards.

1. UV ray protection

According to research, thick beards have the capacity to block up to 95 percent of UV rays.  Beards therefore leave the skin shielded from the harmful rays that cause skin cancer and dry skin.

2. Shaving hurts the skin and could lead to acne

Any man with a beard and tried shaving knows this already. Shaving tends to hurt the skin and also paves the way for acne development as well. Shaving spreads acne-causing bacteria which leaves your skin exposed to such, hence a higher risk of infection.  Allowing the beards to grow, and trimming them only when they overgrow encourages a healthy skin – perhaps one of the reason for growth in beard popularity.

3. Improved perception

Research conducted on the effects of beard growing and shaving the same showed that men with beards are perceived to be more masculine, more youthful, more attractive, and mature as compared to those that shave.  While critics take shaving as good grooming, growing beards helps improve a man's image and boosts his self-esteem significantly. Aside from boosting the man's confidence and masculinity, beards show how healthy your man is. Growing beards and keeping them well-groomed isn't an easy task, but most people choose to do it anyway.

4. Builds confidence

As mentioned earlier, men who allow their beards to grow and keep them well maintained show a sense of power and improved self-confidence. Some researchers also believe that beards show how healthy a man is, and is a clear indicator that one has enough testosterone running through his veins. This could also be the reason why such men have more confidence and will power to take on even the most challenging tasks.

5. Better Health

Most men enjoy maintaining a well-kept moustache. Although some women and possibly men may not know this, the moustache not only improves the person's physical appearance but also protects him from microscopic allergens.  Such men rarely suffer from hay fever and other conditions caused by airborne allergens.  The moustache therefore acts as a natural filter.  Having both the beard and a moustache also takes filtering protection to another level. The hairs help keep airborne bacteria and other allergens away from your mouth.

While growing a beard may be intriguing, it is advisable that you ensure they are well kept and clean as well. The best way to maintain a clean beard is by washing it every day and applying beard oil to promote the growth of the same.

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