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kepulauanseribu Travel a Pulau Seribu islands resort and island residents jakarta
5mo East Jakarta, East Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia Story
Pulau Sepa - Isaland Resort Kepulauan Seribu

Travel Islands Resort Kepulauan Seribu Tourism Sea and beaches as well as facilities watersport holiday is in the interest of the tourists snorkeling and diving will be conducted on the island of Sepa and play watersport been provided on the island of Sepa, fine white sand found on the island of Sepa and also has a sloping beach so tourists can swim right on the beach. Pulau Sepa has Captive turtle shell in the development of culture on the island of uninteresting and also uninteresting islands are breeding birds Love Bird and some other birds. Fishing on the island of Sepa can be done at the pier or on the beach and can also rent a traditional boat for deep-sea fishing Sepa.

Pulau Sepa island of a Kepulauan Seribu tourist who has a gently sloping beach and also has a hawksbill turtle breeding. Snorkeling and diving into the target travelers with snorkeling tourists can snorkel on the island area uninteresting traditional boat or rent a boat to the island sandbar, the island of dolphins, silver island to snorkel to see the beauty of coral reefs. Sepa Island has woven bamboo cottages and also permanent, each cottage on the island of Sepa overlooking the sea and surrounded by shade trees so that the cottage feels at one with nature.

As in the Pulau Seribu tourist often visited by foreign tourists and local, a gently sloping beach and blue sea and soft white sand that are on the island uninteresting. Sepa there are some Saung / Gazebo in the seaside area opposite the restaurant so that tourists can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner on the beach while enjoying live music in the restaurant.

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Travel a Pulau Seribu islands resort and island residents jakarta

Travel to the island of a Pulau Seribu is a tour that has several islands often visited, ranging from the resort island to island residents.

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