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Practical Hairstyles for New Year’s Eve Celebration

As December slowly wears on, holiday season is on everyone’s mind: hot cocoa, Christmas lunch and dinner, and of course, New Year’s Eve party. Women from all over the world spend countless hours browsing the web and flipping through magazines in order to find inspiration for a stylish and glamorous hairstyle. Sadly, such hairstyles are not always practical and you can regret getting the idea in the first place. This is the reason why we offer you practical and yet elegant hairstyles for the upcoming party.

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Pony tail

Don’t be quick to abandon this incredibly simple and practical hairstyle just because you feel it might be too ‘plain’ for a party. A classic pony tail can be easily ‘upgraded’ and transformed into a real masterpiece. Just try using satin bows or glittery hair clips instead of rubber bands, or you can make bubble pony – after securing your hair with a strong elastic band, tie more bands every inch or two and pouf out those small sections to get the bubble effect. You can also choose to do a retro pony and tie your hair at the base of your neck while keeping the volume at the crown. Use L'Oréal Paris Elnett satin hairspray to keep the smoothness and softness while still keeping the hair in place.

Faux hawk

 If you would like to be a bit more dramatic than usual, you can try pulling off the faux hawk hairstyle which has become incredibly popular in the past couple of months. It doesn’t matter if you have short of long hair, you can pull a faux hawk by smoothing down the side sections of your hair and keeping the top ‘wild’ – braided or cured and secured with bobby pins. If you want to be even edgier, try braiding the side sections of your hair into small and tight French raids. We recommend you use Brock Beauty serum to revitalize the sections which have been treated with hairspray and hair gel the most.

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Knotted braid

Those who have really thick and long hair should try lifting it up and securing it so that your neck can ‘breathe’ and you don’t start sweating from all the weight. A simple braid which twists up into a knot at the base of your neck is elegant and practical at the same time; it will keep your hair in place and allow you to show off your neck and shoulders better. Starting roughly above your right ear, make one big braid and sweep it above your forehead (or around your back) into a tight knotted bun. To get more texture and volume, pull out small streaks from the braid and use a bit of hairspray to keep them in place. If you want to add a bit more glamour, use Major Moonshine glitter gel before you braid your hair which will give you a sparkly finish.

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Vintage S waves

Nothing beats old school glamour, and this season is all about elegant Hollywood S waves. Part your hair in the middle or on the side, and use duck bill hair clips to secure the hair in place while you’re working without worrying about messing the waves. To get more volume, apply Suave Professionals foam directly to the roots before you begin stylizing your hair in the first place, and you will notice that your roots are more lifted than usual and that your hair is fluffier. Apply the mousse at the back part because you will brush back the front sections.

While some may hesitate to pick a practical hairstyle for a party simply because they feel it is not stylish enough, there are others who understand that practicality does not necessarily exclude elegance. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new; after all there is no better time to ‘go crazy’ than the last day of the year.

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