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Planning to Buy a New Mattress? - Learn Which one is the Most Suitable for You

Changing mattresses from time to time is extremely essential. If you are sleeping on an expired mattress, then you are most likely to suffer from different kinds of sleep deprivation diseases as well as back problems. Though there are various kinds of mattresses available in the market, the most popular ones are undoubtedly the memory foam as well as latex foam mattresses.

Such mattresses are popular because of their comfort providing properties, which are often suitable for all age groups. Since, these two are the most popular mattresses, they are always in competition.

While the memory foam mattresses are made from many layers of polyurethane foam, which allows your body to feel comfortable by taking your shape, as well as it does not compromise on the support. However, the memory foam mattress can get hot because of the layers of foam which is why most consumers’ prefer latex mattress.

Another reason why the latex mattresses are so popular is because of its eco-friendly raw materials. People use them in order to contribute to the well-being of the Mother Nature. In this article, we will be comparing the memory foam and the latex mattresses to know which one of them is suitable for you.

Latex mattresses vs. the memory foam mattresses - Which one should you buy?

There are different kinds of mattresses made for different people. While for some firm mattresses may work, whereas for the others they may not work. Due to versatility of latex and the memory foam mattresses, they are considered as best for all age groups by the experts. Here is a comparison between the two -

Latex mattress -

  • There are various kinds available purely depending on the content of latex in each one. You can choose one that has synthetic foam or you can choose 100% latex.
  • The natural latex mattress is composed from genuine rubber nectar. Such mattresses are considered good for the environment and are more expensive than the others available in the market.

Memory foam mattress -

  • The memory foam mattresses can be classified as traditional, air cool and gel foam mattresses. Each one has different properties and they are known to provide maximum comfort.
  • Most people avoid buying memory foam mattresses because they will stop responding to the force of the body after a while which can make them sag a bit. This can also result in the collapsing of the support foam layers.
  • Such mattresses can feel hot because of the chemicals from which it is made. These chemicals are toxic and the person sleeping on them can even inhale such chemicals.

After the comparison done above, it seems obvious that the latex mattresses are better than the memory foam ones. Though, the latex ones can seem costly because one must never compromise on health.

Learn some advantages of latex mattresses - Are they worth the investment?

There are various advantages of sleeping on such mattresses. Some of them have been discussed below -

  • if you have been suffering from back problems, then sleeping on the latex mattresses will help you to get rid of it because it will provide support to your back.
  • The latex mattresses are considered as more durable than any others present in the market. They will not sag after sometime and hence they will stay good for a longer time.
  • Unlike the memory foam mattresses, the latex mattresses are hardly made from any harmful chemicals which can give a foul odour.

You can log onto to know about the reviews of different mattresses which will help you in buying your new mattress. This website also contains expert tips and tricks for your convenience.

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