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Picking the Right ERP System for Your Business

Implementing an ERP system is a big and long-term investment to make as it takes a lot to maintain them, therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you look into each detail when purchasing one.


Before implementing an ERP system it is necessary to do some extensive planning as rushing into it may cause the organization to struggle with handling it in the future. When planning, it is absolutely necessary to get support from the upper management in the organization as the lower level may not be as engaged with the implementation. It is not essential for the senior level to be aware of all the little details but a certain amount of knowledge should be present among them, if not done so, it can lead to confusion as they may not understand how the processes work and how they can gain the maximum amount of benefits through it.

Potential Benefits

Most organizations look into ERP as a way to increase revenues and reduce costs. It is necessary that you measure the benefits against these metrics to achieve the full potential of an ERP. ERP is engineered to organize and automate data for different types of business activities such as Inventory control, Customer relationships, human resource and finance. It accesses data and provides it in real-time, allowing business to make efficient decisions resulting in better outcomes. This saves the organizations money as it does certain functions that would usually be given to employees to carry out, therefore cutting down the expense of hiring an employee. It also secures all company data in one place and makes it easy to track inventory and sales. When all information is located in one area it allows the employees from different departments to collaborate.

Choosing the Correct Vendor

To choose the correct vendor it is first necessary to create a clear and extensive list of the requirements you need to have in the system, it is necessary to pay more attention to the business processes and system requirements, this will allow the vendors to suggest a system which in most likely suitable for you to use. Usually businesses invest on their software systems based on the price or how modern the technology is, but this should not be the case, they should choose ERP solutions according to the industry they are in and include all the features that will help solve business requirements.

Keeping Your Options Open

There are different types of vendors that possess different strengths and weaknesses, therefore it is necessary to not jump right in and pick a vendor from the top 3 vendors, but to do extensive research on the many vendors available out there and choose the option that best meets the organization's requirements.

It is also crucial to choose an ERP system according to the features that goes best with your businesses objectives. It is necessary to re-search well and ask your neighbouring companies for information on certain vendors in order to pick a vendor that will provide your business with the exact ERP system it requires.

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