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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome speaks to a spirit-filled audience in Zimbabwe

Nigerian Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (D.Sc., D.D.), leads a Christ Embassy another mission in Zimbabwe. He leads the Christ Embassy and is the President of the Believers' LoveWorld Inc. The church operates in more than 50 countries which includes: Nigeria, South Africa, UK, Canada, USA, and the UK. He spoke to more than 60,000 followers just recent. The local pastor, Ruth Musarurwa, said the congregants will leave in better shape because his visit. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was ready to share his spirit filled love to a rallying audience of thousands.

Over 100,000 people were said to have registered to attend. Authorities embraced themselves for the crowds that were at the Worship and Communion Miracle Service (WCMS) earlier this month. There were more unregistered followers are expected to turn up for the church service whose attendance is free of charge.

Authorities whom braced the tough crowds which were expected to crowd the National Sports Stadium in Harare. Chris Oyakhilome did say his passionate speech which publicly broadcasted in Zimbabwe via the local radio and television stations of the region. In fact, he was expected to speak to at least 60K to 100K people. The presence of the Lord through the presence of the Pastor would be evident according to the mission's news and event updates.

This month of May, the church in Zimbabwe has had prayer rallies for the success of the program which thousands upon thousands attended. Part of Pastor Oyakhilome purpose in Zimbabwe is to disclose special news about some religious ministries around the globe. In fact, he's been spreading the news regarding the completion of the global church service in Zimbabwe. The Pastor is part of the preparation team as a Christ Embassy Pastor.

The WCMS in Zimbabwe, supposedly one of two of the international churches, recently the first one event for the same purpose of the WCMS was held in the UK. The pastor's protégés Reverend Tom Amenkhienan along with Evangelist Eddy Owase, flew into the order to witness the progress.

Chris Oyakhilome has a message which is from the love and the power he has for the Holy Spirit and the man of God “God is bringing, naturally, his blessings upon the nation and thereafter the service, the man of God prays honorably with the audience in every mission (for Zimbabwe).

His epic purpose is always for the power of the Holy Spirit and to the people from God for the nation. Pastor Chris agrees that it affects "everyone and everybody and therefore be ready," he said to the audience recently in Zimbabwe.

The past 30 years, the church has made impacted the global religious world with an ever-widening scope of a global ministry. It's an expansive programming around the world, and with a man such as Pastor Chris, he's said to be a unique minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. With this spirit-filled and anointed leadership, he continues to teach and heal with a multi-faceted and global ministry. He's the best selling author and a television host for special religious missions and ministering which he executes with so much passion.

Source: Masaka, Albert. http://allafrica.com/stories/201705080357.html.

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