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Overall Impact of Negative Online Reviews on Your Company’s Reputation

A company runs on its reputation and goodwill. In today’s date, most of the people go to restaurants, hotels and buy products of a company on the basis of reviews on their feedback pages or on certain websites. Online reviews must be managed proactively. These can build or damage your company’s value and image as most of us decide a better company by analyzing online reviews. For instance, you would not visit a restaurant, which has probably received many bad reviews.

This can be the case in any field. No one has time these days and this is the reason that almost 70% of the customers believe in such online reviews. With sites like Google, Yelp, Trip advisor and many other companies, all reviews can be seen publically and negative reviews are not good for a business that has customer interactions every day. Hence, it is essential to remove Google review that is negative, as it can be harmful for your company’s status. Here are certain things you should do to improve or to avoid any negative review:

  1. Create your positive identity:

In order to avoid all bad reviews, the initial step to do is establishing your recognition on various sites like Google, Yelp and Foursquare. This is to ensure that all your company’s information is correct and accurate so that customers can contact you easily for any query or complaint. You must have a team to respond to your entire customer’s comments or reviews. This way, you can create an image of your company which is serious and care about their customers.

  1. Respond with polite manner:

It has been found many times that companies do not reply to their customer’s negative comments in a humble tone. This can also be a reason for more negative publicity as the customer satisfaction is the prior motive of a business in order to grow and earn profit. Always handle such customers politely and try to resolve all their concerns on priority basis to earn goodwill in the market.

  1. Hire efficient team:

Replying to negative reviews is not the only solution as you should have qualified and efficient employees dedicatedly working and handling all the social media and review sites. You must have proper account and contact centers on all these sites so that it will be easy to reply and solve queries of your customers effectively. It will also help in advertising your brand on all such platforms.

These days’ companies are tying up with people who review and comment about all brands on all review sites. This is another way to establish your image. By contacting them you will be able to have some better reviews.


Image is the only key factor to grow and expand your business. Any bad or negative review can lead to a loss in your business. Always try to be very active and show your presence on Google and other sites where people review about your products emphatically.

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