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Office Fashion Emergency Kit

Long office hours, meetings, and presentations are an integral part of a businesswoman’s career. Still, efficiency and smart business moves are only one part of a lady’s success. Like it or not, fashion and looks are what most people notice first and base their impressions on. This is why a businesswoman should always keep her emergency fashion kit in the office cabinet or drawer: that way, you’ll always look your best in case an unanticipated business occasion arises that calls for added style points.

Beauty Essentials

However fashionable your attire may be, the final and most important touch to a lady’s professional look is impeccable overall appearance. Messy hair, faded lipstick or, God forbid, unpleasant scent will turn a potential client and business partner away and have them out of your office door in no time. For this reason, it’s a good idea to add a few beauty necessities to your office fashion emergency kit. Deodorant and breath freshener are a must, but you can also stock up your beauty kit with blotting paper, setting powder, wet wipes, your favorite lipstick, tweezers, and a hair brush. That way, you’ll be able to touch up your look quickly and efficiently if need be.

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First-Aid Kit

Even though this point doesn’t necessarily fall in the fashion category, your style definitely won’t look elegant or professional in the least if you’re limping because of that ugly blister your new shoes have given you. The same is true of concentration dips caused by headache or stomach cramps. Also, however tiny, paper cuts can bleed a lot and blood is the easiest way to shatter the positive first (and second) impression. Therefore, always keep band-aids, aspirin, probiotics, and throat remedies in your office emergency kit.

Tend To Mishaps

Outfit glitches and stains happen to all of us, but they are definitely not a byword for fashionable and professional looks. Remember to add a fabric cleaner to your office fashion emergency kit: this will allow you to remove stains quickly and efficiently. You can throw in a fashion tape in there, too: this will help you keep clothes in check in case of a rip or hitch. An extra insole or shoe pad can also be of great help in case your footwear is causing you discomfort.

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Fashion Necessities

You don’t have to keep an extra set of clothes at your work place, but some bits and pieces can certainly come in handy. For example, a wrinkle-free ladies’ cardigan or blazer is a great piece of clothing to have at hand in the office: on cold days, the cardigan will keep you warm and on warm days, it will add an extra layer of style to your outfit. Moreover, cardigans and vests can help hide an accidental stain you didn’t manage to remove from your shirt or blouse in the toilet. An effective jewelry piece such as a striking necklace with pearls will also make a great addition to your office fashion emergency kit: with the right fashion accessory in the office drawer, you’ll always have your stylish statement in place for an important meeting. You should also keep an extra pair of stockings in your emergency fashion kit in case the ones you’re wearing get a rip or pop a seam. Heels and stilettos are fashionable and elegant, but if you want to save yourself a dose of foot pain when returning home from a long day at the office, you should keep stylish flexible ballet shoes at your workplace.

Surviving in business and rising to the top means investing effort both in your professional development and your appearance. An office fashion emergency kit can be a real life- and career-saver, so don’t forget to put it together as soon as possible. It won’t take up a lot of space in your office drawer, but it can mean the world of difference the next time you experience a getup, makeup, or footwear glitch.

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