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Diamantina Clarke
Diamantina Clarke Marketing Director at D3 Marketing Group LLC
5d Story
#NowWeNo - Join the Movement - Spread Awareness

Now We No is the campaign that is informing men and women all over the world about the harmful effects that today’s sanitary napkins and tampons may have on women’s bodies. It is the brainchild of Nspire Network’s founders and is consistent with our philosophy of being mission driven people. The Now We No movement will partner with women’s organizations and cancer awareness groups internationally to host 5k walks, bike rides and basketball games to bring awareness to this potential life threatening issue.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require companies to list the ingredients contained in sanitary napkins and tampons, yet the average woman uses more than 15,000 sanitary napkins, or has a tampon inside of her, for more than 100,000 hours over her lifetime.

Internationally it’s more alarming. At least 500 million girls and women globally lack adequate facilities for managing their periods, according to a 2015 report from UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO). In most schools, girls have to trek to the nurse’s office to ask for a pad or tampon, as if menstruating is an illness rather than a natural function. In some parts of the world, girls simply drop out of school once they start menstruating.

The manufacturing process of these menstrual aids has been known to cause serious damage to the environment. The toxic byproducts of producing tampons include poisons like dioxin and furan. In fact, conventional sanitary pads can contain the equivalence of about four plastic bags! Synthetics and plastic restricts air flow and traps heat and dampness, potentially promoting yeast and bacterial growth in a woman’s vaginal area. Conventional sanitary pads can also contain other potentially hazardous ingredients, such as odor neutralizers and fragrances.

How do tampons and pads get that ultra-white “clean” look? Using chlorine bleach, it can also create toxic dioxin and other disinfection by-products. According to an EPA draft report, dioxin is a serious public health threat that has no “safe” level of exposure!

One infamous risk is Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), caused by poisonous toxins from bacteria. TSS is a life-threatening condition and mostly affects women under 30. While any woman using tampons can get TSS, more than 60% of fatalities caused by TSS happen in women ages 15 to 24.

Once our women know better, they can now say NO!

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Diamantina Clarke
Marketing Director at D3 Marketing Group LLC

About D3 Marketing Group LLC… D3 Marketing Group LLC was created to have one place for you to get inspiration and motivation, and information on an amazing work from home opportunity. Learn how you can travel and cruise at exclusive discounts and teach others to do the same. About [...]

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