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Natural Makeup - Pros and Cons

Girls everywhere (okay, some boys too) are getting obsessed with organic and mineral makeup, just because we’ve heard somewhere (hint: from the celebs) this is the it thing we should all use. But, are we 100% positive natural makeup is, really, all that good?

The type of makeup we use will have a great impact on your skin, for sure - not just your beauty. It’s important that we don’t poison the skin consciously and that we give it a chance to rejuvenate after wearing makeup for long periods of time. It appears that natural makeup may just be one of the best solutions to embrace, although – a solution not everyone finds fitting.  

Here’s what’s up:

Healthy Ingredients

Natural Makeup (3).jpg

In general, makeup is used to tend to and retouch blemishes, which in turn means that there isn’t much nutritional value in it. Unlike off-the-shelf makeup, organic products are a mashup of ingredients which can feed your skin, with mineral pigments giving off your natural skin color, no matter your skin type (they are reflective). Mind you, there are toxic ingredients you should avoid at all costs, as they could affect your whole body in the long run.

Less Is More?

Even though the saying goes ‘less is more’, it is a clear disadvantage of organic makeup. Sure, you won’t be able to choose from as many shades as you intended, but - you can rest assured that you will look beautiful, without harming your skin. However, you could journey into uncharted territory and try combining a few of the existing shades and let your makeup spirits run wild. With plenty of undertones in organic makeup, you can even discover a new line of colors.

Save the Environment

Natural Makeup (4).jpg

There’s a lot you can do to protect the environment, and one of these things is to start using eco-friendly makeup. Thanks to using organic ingredients, it means that you won’t pollute nor will Mother Nature wind up in tears if you accidentally drop your lipstick somewhere on naked soil.  Still, a slight (or a big?) disadvantage to this environmentally-friendly makeup is that it won’t last as long. So, for all of you who find Mother Nature dearer to your heart than you do a packed wallet, get ready to spill a few bucks extra!

But Not That Safe

While organic makeup is absolutely safe for the environment, it is not necessarily 100% safe for the skin. It is a common misconception that natural makeup doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients, and this is something that should be talked about. Just as “regular” makeup can be damaging, so can organic – depending on the mixture of ingredients used in its composition. Read the label!

No Scarcity

One of the biggest pros to make you want to buy organic makeup is that it’s virtually always available for ordering. With the craze celebs have made about it, we can find organic in abundance, both online and in stores. Pretty great, right?

Good to Go Anywhere

Natural Makeup (2).jpg

Looking good after a medical intervention is a must; after all, you have to keep up appearances and apart from the procedure itself, a few makeup touchups can do wonders. Organic makeup is great for such occasions, because it won’t affect your skin in any way that would cause complications. It’s also great for hiding melasma issues, until you have the chance to get it treated, as it won’t affect the condition and it’ll allow you to look your best.

Making the switch to organic makeup should be weighed, taking all the pros and cons into consideration and consulting with your dermatologist. Still, keep in mind that beauty doesn’t just come from the makeup you wear but from what hides on the inside as well. And, unless you’re happy and healthy, you can’t look beautiful – so make sure you cherish your health first.

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