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Myths And facts About Acne That You Should Know

As we enter adolescence, we all face some degree of facial problems that are because of the hormonal changes. Hormonal changes that occur in the body while the process of growing up takes place. At some point in life, we all have gone through it once and we all hated it. Somewhere, to a large extent, the facial problems are a reason for the damaged self-confidence, self-esteem, and the inability to interact with people around us. Acne is temporary but unless it's been manhandled with a motive to get rid of it. The efforts may backfire and worsen the situation making acne to leave a permanent scar on the face.Acne and other skin disease are treatable but wrongly handled acne can in result in permanent scars.

Here are certain myths about acne that you should know.

Myth 1: Acne is caused due to dirt but this is only one part of the coin. Acne is also a result of hormonal changes that occur at the time of puberty which creates a dis-balance in the hormonal cycle. Thus, washing your face multiple times might create an unwanted situation for you and the acne might get worse.

Myth 2: As people say, "if you can, don't​ let it happen". Precaution is better than scrounging for a cure. There is certain tropical medicine that can be used effectively to treat acne problems but they don't kill it completely, instead of that they dry it. Thus, rather than finding cures to treat acne, it's better to take necessary precautions and avoid the chances of its occurring in the first place.

How to get rid of teen acne?

Step 1: Gentle wash: - There is multiple acne cleaner machines available in the market which are effective depending on the quality in acne treatment​. To ensure that you're buying the right one, make sure the skin washing product contains either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as their primary contents. These ingredients are the natural skin treatment agents that are and should be the active ingredients of any acne treatment product. Also, it can be bought from local chemist shops and used to treat acne on your own. Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are also effective in the treatment of skin problems prevailing in other body parts like chest, arm, and back, but we suggest you take advice from chemist because it can cause skin itching in worst cases.

Step 2: Regular face cream or gel: - Apply benzoyl peroxide cream or gel on a daily basis. Consult your dermatologist and ask them to suggest you an effective skin cream that can reduce acne from your skin or use benzoyl peroxide cream or gel as an alternative to it. This is a precautionary treatment of acne rather than reducing treatment and hence, even after acne no longer exists on your skin, you should continue the therapy.

The bottom line: If you come across a severe skin problems or acne, it's better to call your doctor or dermatologist, whichever you prefer and take an appointment. Dermatologist has advanced equipment that can treat acne. 

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  • Sasha Blemming
    5mo ago

    Oddly enough, I found that my GYNO had some really good information on acne.

    Oddly enough, I found that my GYNO had some really good information on acne.

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