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over 1 year Story
Marlon Brando Island - the Ultimate Luxury Experience

The beautiful island of Tetiaroa is considered the jewel of French Polynesia because of its unbelievable sand beaches, palm trees, wildlife and lagoons. There are few places on Earth that can be called a real life paradise but Tetiaroa is definitely one of them.

Royal island

This breathtaking island was reserved for wealthy people such as kings and chiefs of Tahiti for centuries, but when the popular and luxurious resort The Brando was built things changed and public was allowed to enjoy the natural beauties of Tetiaroa as well.

tahiti (2).png

The beginning

After falling in love with this paradise island as well as his third wife after filming the movie Mutiny on the Bounty in 1962, Marlon Brando was determined to get his own piece of land at Tetiaroa. Of course, this was not an easy task because the island has been reserved for royal families until then, but in the end he managed to get a 99-year lease and become the owner of Tetiaroa. Brando wanted to share this picturesque sight with the world while completely preserving it in its pure and natural state. Even though he passed away in 2004, this dream of his has been realized and The Brando resort still gives people the opportunity to enjoy this unspoiled Heaven on Earth.

tahiti flickr reuse Charly W. Karl.jpg

Flickr - Charly W. Karl

Eco-friendly luxury

The Brando resort was built according to the actor’s wishes and apart from being grandiose in appearance, the resort’s value lies in the fact that it is completely eco-friendly and sustainable. The highest environmental standards were applied in creation of this resort and it even received LEED Platinum Certification. Using natural resources such as coconut oil and solar power are only parts of the resort’s sustainable nature. Moreover, scientists from all over the world gather here to research biodiversity even more and Tetiaroa Society funds educational programs for visitors, residents as well as students. With perfect combination of luxury and need to preserve the perfect beauty of atoll, this resort is rightfully considered able to provide one of the ultimate experiences known to human heart.

tahiti (3).png

Resort attractions

35 private villas located along the Motu Onetahi coast further away from the beach are the main feature of the resort but that is not all. Every villa is carefully designed and equipped with functional furniture and other amenities. What’s more, there is a private pool that adds to the deluxe feeling. The resort also features two restaurants and hotel bars while overwater spa and organic gardens are not only places for fun pastime activities but a calming sight for the eyes as well.

Stress-relieving paradise

tahiti (9).png

Marlon Brando himself made an unforgettable statement - Tetiaroa is beautiful beyond my capacity to describe. One could say that Tetiaroa is the tincture of the South Seas. Thanks to his tenacious efforts, people from all over the globe can confirm the truth of his words themselves. Becoming one with the nature of Tetiaroa, spending time in harmony with trees and wildlife and learning more about Polynesian lifestyles and culture are main purposes of this relaxed and luxurious resort. Enjoying oneself on sandy beaches and in pristine clear lagoon water next to sea turtles and exotic birds is a great way for a complete transformation of a human soul.

Visitors can get to Tetiaroa by plane and experience the fulfillment of The Brando resort, ethereal nature and rich history of Polynesian culture with many temples still present on the island. The strong spirit of the atoll is definitely going to leave its mark on anyone looking for unity, harmony and peace of mind.

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