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Looking to Start a Home-Based Business in Fashion?

Women are not staying idle at home today. Besides nurturing families they are supporting them financially as well. Many of the jobs women prefer are home stay jobs. Women who are independent by nature often find success in setting up their own businesses as Independent Representatives - investing small capitals and working from home only. One of the fastest growing home businesses opportunities to hit the market are party-based Clothing Sales with brands like Agnes and Dora through Independent Representatives such as Kat Smith – based out of OKC and boasting a large social media presence nation-wide.

Know the People

Before setting up for a new venture it is always very important to know the people on the other side. In the case of businesses based largely online and conducted through social media, knowing whom you will be representing and what level of support they are willing to provide you once you sign up is imperative. Equally important is the quality of the product you will be offering. Agnes and Dora Clothing is a product with quality that speaks for itself as a product that brings its own customer base.

Sign Up

Those who have done their research and ultimately decide that A&D is the Right opportunity for them must then decide which existing representative that they would like to join “under”. This decision cannot be taken lightly – as this person will be both mentor and trainer throughout this new venture. The Independent Representative chosen should have a well-established business and ideally have attended “leadership” trainings offered through Agnes & Dora Corporate. Once ready to take the plunge – candidates can reach out to that person to be added to an Agnes & Dora Queue. Kat Smith offers access to more information via her website,

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1 comment

  • Danica
    3mo ago

    How much money does someone need to start this business?

    How much money does someone need to start this business?

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