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Less known nutrition facts

Everyone loves eating. Many of us already think about dinner while eating breakfast. We prepare at least 2 or 3 meals every single day but how much do we really know about the nutrition? There are so many myths about the food and the majority of people does not know which of them are true and which are not. If you want to find out a couple of things you did not know about nutrition, make sure you keep reading.

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Sugary drinks are the most fattening part of our diets

It is no secret that added sugar is a disaster. But it is even worse when it comes in the liquid form. What makes sugary drinks so bad is that your brain cannot simply compensate for the calories and have you eat less. In other words, it does not register the calories from the sugary drinks and thus makes consume more calories overall. So sugar-sweetened drinks are the worst part of our diets and if think you consume too much of them, you should start making changes immediately. Not to mention that consuming too much sugary drinks increases risk of type 2 diabetes and harms teeth. Carbonated water or water with small amount of lemon juice is always a nice alternative for these beverages.

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Eggs are one of the top foods you can eat

Even though eggs are demonized for yolk being so high in cholesterol, it turns out eggs are one of the best foods you can eat. A recent study has shown that the cholesterol from yolk does not raise blood cholesterol and is a great nutrition for everyone. It has also shown that eggs have absolutely no effect on heart diseases in the individuals who do not already have any cardiovascular disease. What makes eggs so good is that basically all the nutrients you need can be find in yolk. It is high in minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc. So telling people to stay away from eggs is a big misconception. In fact, eating an egg per day is highly recommended.

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“Low-fat” is the same as “healthy”

There are so many products today which are labelled as “low-fat” but what you probably did not know is that this does not mean they are healthy. This happens because decreasing the amount of fat in a product highly affects its taste and many manufacturers add sugar or other unhealthy ingredients in order to improve it. Of course, this rule does not apply for the foods that are naturally low-fat (fruits and vegetables) but only for the processed food. So if you are looking for disease prevention foods you should not necessarily choose everything with “low-fat” written on it. Much better idea is to follow diet plans made by the professionals. SCD Life Style offer many diet plans which will help you maintain healthy bowel movement and keep you safe from diseases.

It is important to know not to trust everything you hear about nutrition until you give it a thorough research. There are so many misconceptions today as well as less known facts about nutrition. So if you are planning to start a healthy diet make sure you double-check everything about it.

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