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Laser and Plasma Metal Cutting

Metal cutting is an important industrial need, and whole industry has emerged out of this. Before an industrial plant can build, assemble or repair products made of metal, they will always cut and shape the material to suit the requirements of a particular project in the creation of a product.

Given that metals are generally hard and tough to cut through, metal cutting involves multiple processes and different tools. Metal cutting can be done either manually with simple tools like chisel and metal hacksaw or mechanically with the use of sophisticated methods such as laser and plasma.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a technology that uses a high-power laser beam to cut not only metals, but also other materials to precise shapes and patterns according to the cutting requirements. It is applied to many different kinds of materials where complex contours demand accurate, quick and force-free processing. Laser cutting does not show any distortion and normally, post-processing is not needed because the material often comes out perfectly as far as further processing to achieve a particular shape or pattern is concerned.

In the past, this method was typically used for industrial manufacturing applications, but over the past few years, it has started to be utilized for applications that are far less demanding than industrial.

Available are new and improved laser cutting machines and equipment which can be used to achieve high-precision cuts. These metal cutters have become popular because of the ease of operation, convenience as well as versatility that they offer. Laser cutting machine price is no longer a stumbling block for small businesses with little budget. You can acquire a fiber laser cutting machine for much less.

Plasma Cutting

In metal processing, plasma cutting is another reliable method that can be used to cut away unwanted parts of metal, using a plasma cutting machine. The machine cuts by supplying an accelerated jet of hot plasma, which cuts through the material to the desired cut.

Just like laser cutters, plasma cutters come with high levels of sophistication and are available in many shapes as well as sizes. Despite their advancing features and technical specifications, these machines continue to become more affordable and accessible for simple applications.


Metal cutting has come a long way in metal fabrication. It has evolved from the use of simple manual cutters like chisel and metal hacksaw to sophisticated tools and equipment such as laser and plasma cutters. Laser cutting machine prices have dropped significantly so is the price of plasma cutting machines. You can now acquire a standard fiber laser cutting machine for much less.

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