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Jacquelyn Etiquette Consultant
2mo United States Story
Keep Going!

When I first joined Mogul, I asked the question, Am I too late? I'm thrilled to say my business is up and running and this late bloomer is blooming!

Along the way I've been given advice and motivation from a terrific support system. The common theme has been two words, keep going.

These two very strong words "Keep Going" have been the driving force when I doubt myself and what I'm doing, I continue to use it as my mantra.

I am paying it forward to you now, "Keep Going"!

I am proud to be able to work in a business that promotes manners, etiquette and civility!

Visit my website www.jacquelynyoust.com

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Etiquette Consultant

President and Founder of Jacquelyn Youst Etiquette Consulting. An authority on etiquette, she earned her Protocol Certification through Protocol University. She received certification in Professional Presence, International Protocol Awareness, Dining Savvy and Presentation Skills. She furthered [...]

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