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Interior Design Rules worth Breaking

Throughout history, great design ideas were born when someone decided to break the rules. Just like in fashion and makeup, times are changing and some of the rules are becoming outdated. Even if they’re not obsolete, it’s okay to break them and see what happens. The results might amaze you.

You must leave interior design to the professionals

Wrong! First of all, your home is your private oasis and you can make whatever you want of it. Second of all, there are so many courses available, both online and offline. Therefore, it’s easier than ever to get skills regarding interior design, styling, and decoration. Browse Pinterest for inspiration, read relevant magazines and blogs, and constantly educate yourself. That way, not only will you save up a lot of money, but you’ll also be sure every renovation will look exactly as you imagined it.

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Pink is for little girls only

Long gone are the times when pink wall paint was only used to decorate nursery rooms for baby girls. It has to do a lot with deconstructing the “blue vs. pink” gender myth but the point is – you’re free to use it to paint the rest of your house, too. The same goes for all other pastel tones – soft shades of blue, green, and velvet look fabulous in living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms. Whether it’s used to paint the walls or on a piece of furniture, pink matches perfectly with grey tones so make sure you consider that next time you renovate.

Tiles are for kitchen and bathroom only

Sure, tiles come in handy in those rooms because of all the humidity, spills, and grease but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it for your living room, too. It will contrast with your other walls and look stunning, especially in contemporary home décor. On the other hand, designers suggest that not even kitchen walls have to be covered with tiles. You can use wallpapers or simple paint and protect it with glass sheets to make your kitchen match the rest of the house.


Don’t use the same colour for walls and floor

This is kind of a hard-to-break rule because you should really be smart when furnishing the rest of the room that has the same colour of the walls and floor. It’s easy to fall into the trap of a room looking boring or smaller than it really is. For instance, if you go for fifty shades of the grey bedroom, make sure you make the contrast by using white, pastel, or brown details on furniture. You can make it even better if you put a nice rug there to create contrast and complete the room’s look.

Major pieces of furniture should be neutral

You’re playing the safe card when you go for a sofa with neutral upholstery, but the outstanding interior design is all about taking the leaps of faith and stepping out of the norms. Purchasing a good sofa is quite of an investment so make sure you choose the colour (or colours) you like. You can always add cushions, covers, or re-upholster it if you change your mind and decide to go for a different palette during the next renovation. The same goes for bookshelves and other wooden pieces – opt for high-quality wood and you can always repaint it.


Don’t make small rooms look even smaller

There’s probably a whole book on how to decorate small rooms and it’s full of advice like “you must make it white”, “scale the furniture” or “get rid of everything”. But, in fact, home décor experts advise you to forget about it and listen to your instincts. If you decided to turn that tiny room into your home office then you sure wouldn’t like boring white walls. Instead, use deep neutral shade for walls and bright shades for details to create an illusion of depth and make a room feel bigger. Use shelf corners to display all of your knickknacks and feel free to use normal-sized furniture – just make sure you don’t go overboard.

Remember, interior design is a creative field and you should think of it as a playground where you’re the one who makes the rules of the game. After all, it’s your home so tailor it in accordance to your needs and wishes.

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  • Jennifer Ridgeworth

    What do you think of shiplap? Seems to be the thing these days? Any advice for decorating a mantle? My family and I just moved.

    What do you think of shiplap? Seems to be the thing these days? Any advice for decorating a mantle? My family and I just moved.

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