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If You're a Digital Nomad, You'll Love These European Cities

So the internet is full of articles suggesting some exotic destinations you should go to with your laptop, but seriously - is there anything better than old cities of Europe? I'd choose any city with that renaissance vibe instead of some sandy beach. But hey, that's just me. Just in case there's more of you loving Europe just like me, here's my favourite list of places for digital nomads.

Portugal - Lisbon

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Despite Lisbon being a “big city”, it remained almost village like. You’ll be stunned by the city’s culture, which you’ll encounter while strolling through the streets. Of course, prepare your belly for loads of delicious seafood and Portuguese food scene in general. Lisbon has a thriving night-life as well, so you won’t be bored on the weekends even if you don’t know anyone. Look for fellow digital nomads on platforms with such communities, and you’ll make new friends in no time. Tip - make sure you visit LX factory, which is known as the “creative island”

Romania - Bucharest

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Although a part of the European Union, Romania is not your ordinary EU country. It’s kind of a good thing and a bad thing since it’s not really organized the way other EU countries are, but at the same time, living here is pretty affordable. However, Romania is ranked as the 10th fastest-internet country, which is really a big deal if you’re a digital nomad. Impact Hub is located in Bucharest, which is a great co-working place, and there are many low-cost flights to other European cities if you ever feel you need a city break tour.

Germany - Berlin

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Berlin has always been a place for creatives, from musicians such as David Bowie and Nick Cave to digital nomads today! Seriously, Berlin could be the place you’re looking for. You can easily find cheap apartments for the short-term rent, and just get yourself a bike - voila, you’ll make it everywhere! Oh, and don’t get carried away by great beer and amazing nightlife - Berlin holds plenty of those.

Budapest is another favourite one among the digital nomad community of Europe. Wi-Fi is free almost everywhere, living costs are relatively low, and Hungarian kitchen is one of the best there is (mmm paprika). Hungary offers a lot of historical sites, with Budapest being one of the main tourist attractions for this reason. Have in mind that winters can get pretty tough here, so you might want to think about moving someplace else during the cold days.

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  • Ellen Velvet
    7mo ago

    Love these traveling tips!

    Love these traveling tips!

  • Alegra
    Alegra Community member
    7mo ago

    I want to go to all these places! Every place you listed exhibits a distinct culture and atmosphere. What cities would you recommend in the Americas and Asia?

    I want to go to all these places! Every place you listed exhibits a distinct culture and atmosphere. What cities would you recommend in the Americas and Asia?

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Report this post

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