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How To Welcome Spring With Less Stuff…and Less Stress!

We’re sure many of you are feeling that the much-anticipated air of Spring is a bit…well, overdue. Aside from the longer, warmer days that Spring often brings, most of us look forward to leaving our windows open a little longer, listening to a colorful collection of birds chirping, adding a little color to our wardrobes, and spending a little less time in the gym and a lot more time outside. Yet with the many benefits of spring comes the less desirable yet still necessary task of… spring-cleaning.

We know, we hate it too. That’s why we’ve put some thoughts together for you. A way to take less than a week and literately “git er’ done” so you can focus on the rest of what a beautiful Spring can offer. The key to our plan is the coveted storage container, often referred to as pod storage units. These amazing inventions are about more than allowing you to be a bit of a pack-rat (in a healthy way of course) and a little more about freeing yourself of the “stuff” that you love but don’t necessarily need to see every day. As a matter of fact, the Neuroscientists at Princeton University found that “physical clutter competes for your attention, resulting in a decrease in performance and an increase in stress.”

You’ve all heard the phrase, “A place for everything & everything in its place” right? Many hard-core organizers are all about “everything in your home should have a place, if it doesn’t…you probably don’t need it.” We disagree. There are too many seasons in life, too many changing interests, too many surges of zest for trying something new. Don’t get rid of what you need for your favorite winter activities; don’t toss out those cozy fall decorations or heavy afghans; and there’s nothing wrong with hanging on to those paddle boards, surfboards, lifejackets and summer fun paraphernalia. It’s far more likely that there just might not be room in your home or your psyche to have all that stuff around all the time.

One of the best solutions we’ve found is through utilizing pod storage units. They have one of the most convenient and affordable solutions to spring cleaning, decluttering, and mild-calming that we’ve yet to come across.  All you need to do is spend a day or so going through all the things that you love but don’t need in your home….or your garage during the off-season. Then call them up and schedule a container or pod storage unit delivery. They bring as many as you need, you fill them up, and they take them away to a secure, indoor, accessible storage facility. When Spring starts to dry up and you are ready for water sports, BBQ’s, fiestas and more, just call them up and they’ll re-deliver your storage pod/unit(s) for unloading. Seriously, it’s that easy!

Once you’ve decluttered, all you need to worry about is cleaning up the footprint your stuff left behind, organizing closets, shaking out your rugs, wiping down the walls, polishing up your patio furniture, deep-cleaning your appliances, and perfecting those mouth watering Spring recipes. Of course you may have a few more things to conquer before you can call it good but you are certainly well on your way to strolling through the Cherry Blossom’s, taking in the fragrant Hyacinth’s and reveling in the low stress bliss your neighbors might not even be aware is possible.

This Spring, we encourage you to set aside some time for your home and your sanity. Start the season off right with a clean slate and a clean home. You’ll certainly appreciate the sanctity and clarity in brings!

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