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over 1 year Story
How to Treat Yourself Like a Goddess

What troubles modern women with successful careers today is that we tend to work a lot and sadly dedicate insufficient portion of time for ourselves. While every woman deserves to be treated with utmost care and respect, we should unquestionably reward ourselves with something enjoyable on our own. We need to slow down and seize a chance to spoil ourselves. Throne yourselves queen for a day and allow some luxurious pampering to enter your schedule. Here’s my selection of ideas on how to grant yourselves a royal treatment.

Luxurious item shopping

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This section would depend on your preferences, but the idea is to acquire a dear-priced (you’re worth it!), quality item you’ve long-time desired and rock it with pride. Perhaps you would like to finally get yourself a pair of sinfully expensive stilettos like Louboutins or Jimmy Choos. On the other hand, a Swiss handmade watch or a designer power dress may suit your refined taste more closely.

Spa day

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The stress and rush of workdays probably leave your body yearning for a chillout session. A visit to a popular wellness centre can fully restore your vitality. I’d definitely suggest an out-of-the-ordinary type of procedure you’ve never tried, such as chocolate massage. Additionally you may go to a salt room or sauna. Lastly, if you’re not squeamish about it, do a fish pedicure. It would leave your heals silky smooth like no file can achieve.

Health and beauty

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With all the late nights, dozens of coffees and possibly lack of sleep it’s advisable you do a general check-up. Also, consult with the doctor about the best nutrition for your life dynamics and invest in a healthy food plan. Insert a good amount of beauty sleep in there somewhere, you’ve earned it. To top it all, if you want to freshen up your looks and give your face a rejuvenated appeal, a quality method could do the trick. Opting for blepharoplasty could give you an extra confidence boost and deduct a good number of years.

Fancy eatery

Now is the time to finally get a reservation for that high-class restaurant you’ve wanted to try out for months. Indulge in a full course of culinary madness and dare to munch on some crazy combinations of delicacies. Satisfy your exquisite palate with some Kobe beef, and wash it down with 1988 Cristal. Dare to delight your taste buds with some dessert worthy of a goddess, like an ice cream with gold leaves or perhaps some chocolate based extravaganza.

Brain food

Last but not least, your brain deserves a treat as well. It may come in a form of a seriously pricey and popular business course you may incorporate later in your professional routine. Also, learning a new language would do wonders for your synapses and it could be a lot of fun as well. If you’re not fluent in it already, romantic French could potentially suit you. In the end, you can choose to train your brain with Lumosity platform in a game-like kind of way and improve your separate skills.

It’s never late to grant yourself a hedonistic trip to lavish-town. Every woman is deserving of a special treatment, and at the end of the day, only we ourselves know how to achieve it completely.

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