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How To Successfully Third Wheel When All Your Friends Are In Relationships

In my experience your roaring twenties come to an end when your friends begin to pair off and enter the relationship zone. Now with at least half my friends off the market, I’ve found myself playing a new role: the third wheel. Before you get the wrong idea this post isn't a pity party, I’m happiest when my Facebook status is single. Rather it’s about how to successfully third-wheel through your friends’ relationship (without getting in their way).

The third-wheel is usually viewed with pity, but let’s turn this myth around. Firstly, being the third wheel makes going out more pleasant. When you are out with your girlfriends, men feel that it’s their duty to smother you with their cheesy pick-up lines and sweaty bodies. However, when you add a guy to the equation, he becomes the natural repellent that you never knew you needed. Not only do you feel safer, but your friends boyfriend feels included in the group.

Second and perhaps the most important thing, collaborate rather than crash. Recently I went along to what was meant to be a couples weekend. As a result, I spent the entire time paranoid about stepping into their couple zone. The zone I’m talking about is the place where couples retreat and have their sweet, but awkward for anyone else, moments. You know, it’s that place where the world supposedly stops and they get lost in each other’s eyes. The rick is get yourself a radar detector. When you sense one of those moments on the horizon, invent a family emergency and get out of there. Couples, much like ourselves, get tired of one another and occasionally need a buffer to spice up and revitalize conversation. Contribute your piece, have fun, but learn to detect when your services are no longer required (so you don’t overstay your welcome).

Ultimately the time will come when your best friend will have a difficult time dividing her time between you and her man. So, spare her from time to time and have an occasional meal as a trio. To do this, it involves the third component of being a successful third wheel: establish a friendship with your friend’s significant other. Sometimes, when your friend’s boyfriend is an class A you know what, this isn’t possible. But wherever possible, try your best. Otherwise you will spend the entire time competing for your friend’s attention.

Overall, your friends’ being in relationships can be very positive for us singles. It opens up new avenues for friendships, new social circles and new experiences. So put the pedal to the metal and embrace being the third wheel.

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Claire Emmerson

Australian. Have an ongoing penchant for shiraz. Addicted to Trump-related articles and caffeine. Hate licorice.

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