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How to potty train your puppy

There are so many reasons why potty training for puppies is so important. It creates a feeling of closeness between you and your pet and it affects everything else you do. Naturally, it serves as a great starting point for any further training.

Potty training is probably one of the first things you need to teach your dog. Without it, you will have to deal with quite a mess on daily basis.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are making small mistakes during the process. In certain cases, dog owner might even punish its dog physically which can only alienate the two.

This is precisely the reason why we made this article. With it, you will be able to train your dog how to potty properly.

Patience and love

Potty training requires a lot of patience from you. And not only that. You also have to be consistent. Dog will not go out by itself. Instead, it will pee in the corner or wherever it sees fit. This is why you need to add a new option: potting outside.

You are the one that needs to work ahead of the time and make sure your dog is already outside when it needs to relieve itself. You are the one that needs to facilitate the process.

First of all, if you got the puppy from a breeder make sure that the breeder has instilled some positive habits into it. Remember: training starts from day one!

As previously mentioned, no matter what happens you should never physically or in any other way punish your dog. This can only create a counter effect where the dog doesn’t wish to spend time with you or sees potting as a traumatic experience.

Instead, make sure to praise your puppy whenever you can. Use words of encouragement that will help it understand how it did a good job. Treats are not necessary as it will force you to carry them all the time given that dog will expect them after every potty.

Tips and tricks 

Before we mention anything else, it is necessary to mention that the way your dog relieves itself will be directly connected with its breed. Bigger dogs will be able to hold it in while smaller dogs will need to go outside immediately.

On top of that, dietary habits are also very important as they affect how often the dog will go out.

With that being said, let’s check the main tips and tricks for puppy potty training:

  • Dogs have three main periods during which they need to relieve themselves: as soon as they wake up, after lunch and before going to sleep.
  • In the morning, it is much better if you wake up before the puppy and take it out on your initiative.
  • After lunch, you will have to wait a bit and then go out. Some dogs will have the urge to pee or poo almost immediately after a meal while some can take up to an hour. Anyway just to be on the safe side, start going out immediately after lunch. Notice dog’s tendencies and plan accordingly.
  • When you feed your dog, make sure to remove anything that hasn’t been eaten. Worst thing that can happen is for your dog to munch something during the whole day. This way, you won’t be able to predict its potty timing.
  • Always take your dog to a same area and on the same surface. Due to their strong sense of smell, dogs remember potty area by heart. They will require the same conditions each and every time or at least, similar ones.

With these few tips, you will become a potty master in no time!

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