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7mo Delhi Story
How to Keep Check on Your Blood Pressure Count

Gone are the days, when measuring Blood Pressure was done once in a blue moon. And that too, when a visit to the Doctor’s clinic was scheduled. In between, no records were kept of any change in the readings of the Blood Pressure, which is very essential to have.

A Blood Pressure disorder can make you significantly ill. The worst is that, problems like high Blood Pressure have no symptoms. And when it hits, it hits hard.

 And so it always makes sense, to keep a check on the readings of your Blood Pressure.

 Before we go any further, let us quickly revisit to the basics of Blood Pressure.

Blood Pressure is the measurement of the force with which the heart pumps the blood into the circulatory system of our body.



Keeping the Blood Pressure in total control is paramount because the tissues in our body and other organs are fed on two basic things i.e., Nutrients and Oxygen. And, these two vital tools required by our circulatory system is carried through the pressure of the blood.

  • further, a High Blood Pressure puts extra burden on your Ateries resulting in a clogged artery
  • the clogged Artery further leads to major health issues like Heart Stroke and Heart attack
  • it also effects your Kidneys significantly

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) have always been said to be a ‘silent killer.’ If it is not checked at right time then it can also lead to problems like blurred vision and erectile dysfunction. It can severely effect the brain either.

Therefore, as the age factor gradually moves on, the frequent readings of your Blood Pressure is highly recommended.


Things You Should do, to Keep a Check on Your Blood Pressure

There are measures through which you can always keep your Blood Pressure in total control.

  • Quit Smoking

Smoking effects your arteries. It further makes your heart prone to attack and stroke respectively. 

  •  Cut Down on Alcohol

Drinks, not more than 2-3 units per day, would be sufficient. It is to be noted that Hypertension is also a result of high Alcohol intake.

  •  Higher Intake of Fruits and Vegetables

Higher intake of fruits and vegetables nourishes your body with much of the required nutrients, which are necessary to have a normal Blood Pressure count in your body.

The fruits and vegetables provides the body with carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, potassium and a lot of fibre which are considered to be the important tools that maintains healthy Blood Pressure count in the body.

  • Bang on the Diets with Low Fat

Your daily diet should have low level of fat. The diets with high Fat intake increases the cholesterol level in your body.

It is significant to be low on cholesterol to keep a check on the Blood Pressure. And for this, eating in proper proportion and eating healthy food would always prove to be beneficial for your health.

  •  Physical Activity Keeps a Check

It is vital that you keep yourself physically active. It provides your body with a healthy blood circulation, which keeps you in good health.

Your daily physical activity helps you to keep a check on your Blood Pressure count.

  •  Burn Calories

Burning calories in higher proportion than the intake, is essential as it keeps a check on your body weight.

Your body weight should be in right proportion to your height and age. Right body weight keeps a check on the Blood Pressure disorder.

The above mentioned points are not only important to keep a check on your Blood Pressure count, indeed, these steps are paramount to keep yourself in good health either.

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