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How to get over your mum's cooking while in college

College is a big part of our lives. It brings joy, education, wild parties and we can finally find ourselves and decide what we want to do in life. However, there is one thing that we will always miss – mum’s cooking. No matter how much you try, you will never manage to prepare a meal like your mother. Nevertheless, that is not a reason for desperation; there are a few things you can do to get over her cooking and even learn how to make your meals that are almost as good. 

Acquire the Basic Nutrition Knowledge

While at home, mother takes care of your daily nutrition. You, on the other hand, know nothing about it; you just eat what is served and you are thankful for it. However, you cannot go through the day without knowing anything about the basic nutrition. You need to figure out what to cook and how to cook it in order to stay full. There are various courses about basic nutrition and there is the all mighty Internet. Do a little research; see how you can prepare something that satisfies your tastes and tummy and find out which food is actually good for you and which is not. After acquiring a bit of knowledge, preparing meals won’t be a problem anymore and you won’t start starving just an hour after the meal. 

Get the Dishes

It is obvious that you will need some utensils in order to prepare a meal. However, your place might be small and you certainly don’t need dozens of pans, pots and plates. Just a few of those is enough, but don’t waste your money on second-rate utensils. Rather, invest in a few quality ones that can serve several purposes. A few plates are enough, the same goes for cutlery and definitely go for a Le Creuset stock pot which serves for cooking larger meals, slowly and with no mess. This will keep you good for a few days. Be creative with the dishes and only invest in a few quality pieces and you will have a healthy meal each day without making too much mess and juggling with pots and lids. 

Ask For Basic Recipes

When your mother was young she surely didn’t know how to cook immediately. She had to learn it, and so do you. Luckily, you can ask her for some basic recipes that you can later upgrade. Call you mom and write down some of her favorite basic recipes, such as how to cook fish, how to prepare pasta, bake some cookies etc. After you have properly learnt how to prepare simple meals you can take it up a notch and start experimenting. You have your likes and dislikes and you should mix up some spices or even combine some of the basic recipes. After a bit of practice your meals will become unique and you can even surprise your mom with your own meal when you go home.

Stick to Simplicity

Cooking doesn’t always involve hours of preparation and stirring. Be simple and play with few ingredients and you will be surprised how delicious it can be. Fresh vegetables, pasta and some dairy products are a perfect start, but as you become skillful you can move on to more complicated recipes. However, don’t strive for too complicated ones because you will waste a lot of time on preparing, slicing and dicing and you will make a huge mess. It’s just not worth it. Learn how to steam-cook and grill and your meals will be simple but tasty. 

Experiment with Pasta

Pasta is the most flexible meal. However, we all end up eating it with a jarred sauce. Those times are over and you should learn everything you can do with pasta. Get some fresh vegetables, simmer them and mix with boiled pasta. Add a bit of sour cream and spices and you have a perfectly healthy meal that will keep you full for a while. Also, you can make your own pasta sauce out of tomato juice, add a bit of your favorite meat and voila! The combinations are endless; pasta can be eaten with nearly everything and you need to start trying out different combinations ASAP. 

Cooking isn’t really that hard. With a little help and advice from your mom you can learn how to survive in college. Stay simple, experiment a bit and have all the utensils you need, and you can enjoy a delicious cooked meal every day. 

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