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How to Choose Your Next American Adventure

Iconic landmarks, supersized food, unique wildlife – America is 3.8 million square miles of jaw-dropping sights and fast-paced culture that keeps travelers returning time and time again. 

For a new visitor to the American shores, it may be difficult to decide where to visit first in such a vast and diverse country. Fear not, because we’ve handpicked some of the best places for you to visit, whether you want to see its natural attractions, see the sights or try something new.

Nature & Wildlife Lovers

No doubt you’ll have heard of the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park and Yosemite National Park in America -there are 59 National Parks in the country, each of which have something unique to offer.Nature lovers will be torn between which they should visit.

The Grand Canyon is truly jaw-dropping and there are trails available that are suitable for all fitness levels, if you can stand the desert heat. Yellowstone is home to plenty of wildlife, including bison, elk, buffalo and mountain lions. It also has highest concentration of active geysers on the planet, giving you the chance to witness the incredible displays of natural power.

With an abundance of different trails, scenery and wildlife to see in these national parks, you should consider booking a pre-planned tour so that you can take in all of the natural wonders and don’t miss out of any of the unique sights.

Thrill Seekers

America is the perfect adventure holiday for those looking for excitement, new experiences and out-of-the-ordinary activities and you won’t be short of options when you choose to visit.

Experience the joy of dog sledding in Alaska, or stay in a stylish wooden cabin when skiing in Colorado. For those who prefer a warmer climate, you can cycle along California’s Pacific Highway, which stretches from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Or, how about island hopping in Hawaii? The possibilities are endless for new adventures and you’ll be guaranteed to be left wanting more, wherever you choose to visit.

Family Holidays

For a family holiday that’s sure to excite the children, you may want to plan a trip to Orlando, home of Disney World, to experience the magical world of theme parks, deluxe villas and meet and greets with the iconic characters.

However, if you’re looking for somewhere that the whole family will enjoy, experiencing an iconic city like New York could be for you – ice-skating at the Rockefeller Centre, taking a boat ride around the Statue of Liberty or visiting the Natural History Museum will cater to every single member of the family.

America has something to offer everyone. The country is so vast that you could easily choose to go somewhere in the scorching-hot desert, or the chilly terrain known for skiing and dog sledding. Follow our suggestions and find the best American adventure to suit you!

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