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How to Choose Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

Everybody wants a thick head of hair that their partner can run their fingers through, but not all of us are lucky enough to have the genes that warrant sexy locks and the vast majority is majorly impatient when it comes to growing out their length. Problem is, most hair extensions don't take into account their biggest client base: people with thin hair.

Whether you're looking to buy extensions for length, volume, thickness, or all of the above, there's really only one type of hair extension that suits thin hair, and that's tape in hair extensions. When you walk into a beauty store the bulk of hair extensions for sale are clips, which is fine if you already have medium or thick hair, but for those with thin hair it's just a disaster waiting to happen.

Why Clips are Not Good for Thin Hair?

a. Not only do clips not hide well, creating the appearance of a lumpy skull along with the added negative of there never being quite enough hair to hide the actual clip, but they also damage hair and cause stress to your neck, shoulders, and back.

b. See, the clips add a heavy pressure that hurts and leads to craning your neck in weird positions throughout the day when you're trying to alleviate some of the pressure without ruining your do. These weird neck contortions do no good, rather a lot of harm leading to pain in your shoulders that makes you less likely to want to hold your posture upright, causing you to hunch along with cause damage to your shoulders and spine.

c. That's not all though, if you have thin hair these clips also have the capacity to strip your hair completely and lead to hair loss and bald patches... which is obviously not good. All in all clips suck for thin hair, and that's not even considering if you're applying them incorrectly which a lot of people do.

How are Tape in Extensions Good for Thin Hair?

a. Luckily, you don't have to worry about any of that when it comes to tape in extensions. Just slip them in between two strips of your natural hair and it all looks perfectly cohesive and camouflaged. They're invisible, thin, lightweight adhesives that cause no stress to your neck, shoulders or back, requires no chemicals, are easy to apply, and don't make your hair look lumpy which is of course a humongous plus.

b. Another bonus, they're surprisingly comfortable. You can slip them in and completely forget that they're even there because there's no itching, no burning, no weight, and no hair loss. Who isn't interested in instant length, instant volume, instant confidence, and no need for the infamous weave pat?

When it comes down to it, hair extensions take a hefty bite out of your wallet, so you should know the right thing to buy before you go shopping and waste your money on the same clips your thick haired friend got, because the truth is, extensions for thick haired people can permanently ruin a lot for the thin haired people.

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