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How has technology evolved in mobile gaming?

In 2017 we now live in a society dominated by technology. Our devices are smaller, more powerful and constantly connected. These technological developments are having a huge impact in many industries; no more so than in the gaming industry.

It's impossible to turn on the TV or browse the internet these days without seeing some kind of advert or promotion for some kind of mobile game. The gaming industry as a whole is growing at a rapid rate and even some of our old classic board games such as Scrabble are now available to play on mobile - (Words with Friends).

Casino on mobile

When somebody says mobile gaming you could be forgiven for instantly thinking about video games, however there is another huge industry within mobile gaming; the casino market. With the emergence of top betting tipsters such as Betting Expert collating the best bonuses for customers, there is often a lot of value to be found in the online casino market.

Because of this perceived value and the chance of financial gain, many people are using gambling platforms to play games such as poker and blackjack on their mobile. Online gambling is now responsible for a huge chunk of the gambling markets already, with mobile gaming being a huge reason for this.

The importance of the iPhone

The iPhone is obviously one of the most famous and revered mobile devices ever created, however it's importance in the mobile gaming industry overall can often be overlooked. Prior to Apple releasing the first iPhone model back in 2007 our mobile devices could be described as 'basic' or 'frumpy'. The iPhone was the first device rolled out on a widespread level that was created with user experience as its primary USP.

The large screen and its flipping capabilities are just a couple of the things that make the iPhone gaming experience so special.  Since the 2007, the iPhone has undergone some dramatic, and in some people's eyes, fantastic transformation along with the rest of the mobile world. We're now at a point where our iPhones are waterproof, meaning that you can even mobile game whilst in the pool on holiday or at home in the bath without the risk of water damage to your device.

Better internet connections

It's not only the developments in mobile technology that has allowed for the industry to thrive. The increased service and quality of internet connections across the world has also aided mobile gaming greatly.

Going back 20 or so years it would have been unthinkable that each and every one of us would have 24/7 access to the internet via our mobile devices; but this is the world we now live in. Being able to connect to the internet whilst gaming on your mobile gives you so much more flexibility and allows you to interact with your friends. This of course enhances the whole experience and even allows you to meet new people.

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